Idle Heroes Guide – How To Get Diamonds, Creation Circle, Team Building Tips (Starter Guide)

Idle Heroes Guide to help you learn everything that you need to know about getting started with Idle Heroes. For our Beginner's Guide.

In this Idle Heroes Guide, we will share some tips and strategies with you, which will help you master the game. Ideal Heroes is an Idle-RPG game developed by DHGames. Idle-RPG means that you can start some tasks leave the game and when you start the game again, those tasks will be complete.

This greatly prolongs the game’s playability. Idle Heroes is a highly addictive game and expect to spend a long time collecting heroes and upgrading them to build the best team possible. We have here some of the best tips and strategies for you regarding different elements of Idle Heroes.

Our tips and tricks revolve around different elements of the game, which include the most prominent feature of Idle Heroes, which is Idle System. We will also focus on the heroes about how you can summon heroes and then train them to become the ultimate warriors.

You can easily summon and retain a team of ultimate warriors with our Idle Heroes Guide. Our Idle Heroes Guide is equally useful for players new to role-playing games as well as the genre veterans.

Tips and Strategies – Idle Heroes Guide

Below you will some useful tips and strategies that will help you in understanding how you can play the game and build the best team of heroes. Become the master of Idle Heroes with our tips and tricks that will make you own the competition easily. Idle Heroes Guide details everything that you need to know about playing Idle Heroes.

Play the Campaign
Idle Heroes features a campaign where you can earn new rewards for your heroes. It also features the idle system so you do not need to be active in the game to earn these rewards.


There is also an option where you can set you heroes to auto-fight in battles so they will keep themselves busy when you are out of action. In the campaign mode, you can earn new equipment and resources.

Your heroes can wear this equipment and the resources can be later used to upgrade equipment. Advanced missions will give you better rewards so you should really consider playing the campaign mode. It is also more convenient because you do not necessarily have to be active to complete fights.

Simply select a fight for your heroes to join and leave, once the game enters idle mode, it will complete all pending tasks and when you return, you can collect the rewards.

Battles and Quests Rotate Every Day!
In Idle Heroes, you will get new quests and battles every day. These daily quests and battles do not take a lot of time and they will give you nice rewards and make you understand your heroes better this making you more efficient when using them.

Completing these quests and battles are an excellent source of some easy rewards and resources every day so make sure that you try to complete as many quests and battles every day. They are also different from one and other so they will keep you glued to the game.

Collect Diamonds
Diamonds are the premium currency of Idle Heroes so you need to save them for the best purchases and when really needed. Diamonds can be earned very easily if you are an active player. Complete daily quests and battles, play other game modes and keep advancing in the game and you will have a good supply of diamonds in just a few days.

We recommend that you collect the diamonds and use them for 10 Heroic Summons because you really need some good five-star heroes at the start of the game.

When you perform 10 Heroic Summons using diamonds, chances are that you will at least a few 5-star heroes as well. They will really boost your game because better your heroes are, more battles they will win easily. You will also get other heroes in these Summons but the best ones to look for are the 5-star heroes.

Understanding the Creation Circle
Creation Circle is basically a place where you can sacrifice heroes that you do not use to make better heroes. You can sacrifice those heroes, which are useless to you and use what you receive after sacrificing them to create heroes that are better in all aspects.

However, keep in mind that you do not sacrifice the hero, which might be needed in the upgrade process so always, read the upgrade requirements carefully. Once a hero has been sacrificed, it cannot be recovered.

Once you have enough 4 and 5-star heroes, you can safely sacrifice all your Level 3 and under heroes, because they are useless anyway. Sometimes if you need to sacrifice a Level 4 hero, you can do it too but only if you are sure that you have a better replacement available in its place. If you think you might need a hero for future missions, do not sacrifice it yet.

Team Building Tips and Strategies
You will spend a lot of time collecting and adding more and better heroes in your team. At the start, you will hardly have any good star heroes and chances are you will mostly have heroes up to 3 stars which are the worst heroes to fight with.

Your main goal must be to jump to as many 4 star heroes as quickly as possible. 5-star heroes are the best ones in the game but keep in mind that they are not easy to obtain so your first priority should be to get as many 4 star heroes as possible.

Until you obtain all 5-star heroes for your team, stick to fighting with your best four and three-star heroes. Always keep your best hero in the end row so that the weak ones die first in the battles. Your last line of heroes will be your last resort so they will be your best heroes and will finish off any remaining enemy heroes. You can also gauge how good an enemy is by looking at their rarity.

Heroes that are rarer will always be better than other ones. As you advance in the game and own some 5-star heroes, you will notice that 4-star heroes are also not that good in the battles.

This concludes our Idle Heroes Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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