Identity V Guide – Terror Shock Opportunities, Switching Talents, Resources (Tips And Tricks)

Identity V is a mobile game that is loosely based on police work and running away from monsters. The great thing about it is the fact that it has a Dead by Daylight vibe to it. The game plays out in a 1v4 PvP style so there are tons of ways that the game can play out. As such, you will need this Identity V Guide.

This Identity V Guide will give you various different tips and tricks that will help you during your play through of identity V. The game is asymmetrical and unlike any other multiplayer game seen on mobile, so get ready to take notes.

Identity V Guide

Before you start playing the game, it is important to complete all of the tutorials that the game provides you. You will unlock Quick Match once you clear the first 10 Memories. Even after that, you can still complete some small tutorials that are much more advanced than the original ones and will help you understand the game at a much deeper level than you would otherwise be able to.

All of them also reward you with 20 clues each that will allow you to get Memory Spheres in the Illusion hall that will in turn get you extra goodies such as emotes. Once you are done with all of the tutorials, you are ready to head into the game!

Here are some of the tips that will make you much more effective when playing Identity V.

Terror Shock Opportunities

If you are the one hunting, you can immediately incapacitate a survivor provided you are able to land a Terror Shock blow to them. If you attack a survivor that is performing an action, it counts as a terror shock blow. An action can be anything from jumping out a window to healing a teammate.

This move is perfect as you can tie up the survivor in a rocket chair. However, any good survivor will not try to attempt an action whenever they are able to feel the heartbeat so you will need to be quite opportunistic to take advantage of this mechanic.


Remember that you have to decode the cipher machines as a Survivor. When you are dealing with a calibration, a meter will pop up and you will need to stop it right in the middle of the zone. You need to remember that a sound will go off whenever a calibration is upon you during the decode process. When this happens, you will need to quickly be ready for it to speed up the decode process and win the game.

Switching Talents

You can switch out your talents in the persona Web whenever you want. Try to have a set of talents that is great for the character that you are playing. Drawbridge Effect may very well be a great talent if you are the doctor as you will easily be able to get to the survivors who need your help by seeing them around you.

Conversely, it might be better if you take Deteriorate as a hunter as it will give you the chance to create puppets and swap places with them to get near a survivor.

Split Up

As a survivor, it is best to go in teams of two as you can cover a fair amount of ground and be near each other in order to help one another survive the attacks of the hunter. Remember that you can fumble a decoding process to make the hunter divert his or her attention towards you from another teammate too.

Use your Resources

Use your Listen ability as a Hunter to ensure that you can plan and strategize your next move. It is also best to follow a survivor for as long as you can as they are not able to spring endlessly and they will eventually tire out. You can also use the Rocket Chairs to lure other survivors in to help their teammates and then get them too.

That is all we have for our Identity V Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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