Rage 2 Gameplay Shows, Weapons, Factions, Powers, Levels

QuakeCon started off busy today with the reveal of multiple different bits of gameplay, and started off in particular with Rage 2 gameplay, which showed off how the game will look and play along with a good bit of background information on gangs, locations, and powers that you’ll be getting.

Rage 2 takes place thirty years after the original game ends, and the world has begun to heal from the impact of the Apollyon asteroid, which struck Earth a hundred years before the first game. New towns of a variety of different kinds are going to be appearing, along with new factions and areas.

The Rage 2 gameplay shows off your character in a variety of different situations after they’re forced to flee from their settlement due to an attack by mutants belonging to the technologically advanced army known as the Authority. Hunting down a doctor known as Kvasir from the first game, your character is forced to go to an abandoned, bandit-ridden science facility in order to bring a satellite down to the ground, which causes you to gain the “Shatter” ability, giving you superhuman powers.

The number of different enemies we’ll be fighting according to the Rage 2 gameplay is also quite staggering. Previously, most of our enemies were run of the mill bandits, mutants, or Authority goons. However, now, in addition to the mutants and Authority troops, players will have to face off against a number of different groups of bandits, each one with a different style of fighting. Some will attack from stealth with cloaking devices, others with melee weapons and bulletproof shields.

Rage 2 promises to be much better than the original Rage game, with better enemies, a more diverse environment, and an actual final boss fight, which was a particularly lackluster point of the previous game. You can see the Rage 2 gameplay back up this article, and the game itself will be coming out in June of next year.