Fans Think id Software’s Working On A New Doom

There have been rumblings of a new Doom or a new Doom-related project for that matter to be currently in the works.

According to a new job listing from earlier in the week, developer id Software seeks a combat director with “in-depth knowledge of recent id games, including Doom and Doom Eternal” to “design and implement high-quality gameplay.”

The listing refrains from stating whether the candidate will be working on an unannounced or existing project. The listing does though tease the candidate to be involved in the “future triple-a first-person action games” of id Software. The mention of Doom furthermore has fans naturally keeping their fingers crossed to fill the shoes of the Doomslayer once again.

Doom Eternal pretty much wrapped up the story of the Doomslayer with its Ancient Gods expansion packs. However, id Software made sure to assure fans at the time that the Doom universe still has “many more stories” waiting to be told.

The acclaimed reboot has given the developer a new stepping stone for future projects. Hence, the developer may have concluded the Doomslayer Saga with Doom Eternal, “there are many other things that we can do in this universe that we have created,” as said by its producer Marty Stratton last year.

There also stands a possibility that id Software is working on something related to the Quake franchise. The developer recently released a remastered version of the original Quake with support for 4K resolution, improved lighting, dynamic shadows among other enhanced visuals, cross-platform play, and a brand new expansion pack.

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