id Software Isn’t Involved In The Doom Movie, No Endorsement For This One

id Software, creators of the Doom and Wolfenstein games, have released a statement on Twitter saying that id Software is not involved in the Doom movie that will be coming to Netflix later this year. The movie, called “Doom: Annihilation”, will be the second movie based on Doom.

If you’re familiar with the seemingly unending train of bad video game adaptations in the film industry, you might have heard of the original Doom movie, which came out in 2005 and starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the central character. While the movie wasn’t “bad” per se, it was similar to Uwe Boll movies in that it was only tangentially related to the actual series.

Most of its relationships to the actual game came from shout-outs and the general plot (monsters on Mars and a squad of soldiers trying to survive), the lack of demons apparently being due to religious demands made by the studio, hence the changes from demons on Mars to mutants in a science experiment gone wrong instead.

What’s more, the original Doom movie was actually originally greenlit by id Software, so the fact that id software isn’t involved in the Doom movie that’s coming out this year likely means that in the fourteen years between the first Doom movie and Doom: Annihilation, that the studio has learned its lesson.

Considering how well id Software has done with revamping both Doom and Wolfenstein, especially with the hype that it’s built up over Doom Eternal (which is also supposed to come out sometime this year), it’s equally likely that id Software isn’t involved in the Doom movie because they don’t want to risk their reputation supporting it.

Either way, Doom: Annihilation doesn’t have a release date yet. And even if the movie itself doesn’t pan out the way fans want, there’s always Doom Eternal to look forward to.

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