id Software Guarantees That DOOM Eternal Is The Best Video Game They Have Made So Far

At id Software, they are putting all the meat on the grill to make DOOM Eternal a memorable video game and, on this occasion, Marty Stratton, executive producer for id Software spoke about what they intend to achieve with the game.

When we finished Doom 2016, we knew we surprised people and a lot of people just wanted more. We could have done more, but I think we’ve looked at Doom Eternal and said, How can we raise the bar in every aspect, from technology to design to world-building to the epic scope and scale to the multiplayer battle mode? We’re just pushing every piece of it further than I think we’ve ever pushed on a game. It’s ultimately turning out to be I think the best thing we’ve ever done.

That was pretty much the primary goal of every decision we’ve made, how we get people engaged from beginning to end. Not even just the beginning of the level to the end of the level or the combat, but the entire game, that the third act of the single-player campaign is just as compelling if not more so than the first act was. It was challenging because people loved the last game so much, and we really couldn’t use the same exact tricks as last time to engage the player because it’s like old hat to them at this point.

The sequel to the great Doom of 2016 will extend its campaign between 18 and 22 hours of play. It has been confirmed by Marty Stratton himself in the Quakecon Forums.

The developer recalled, however, that the estimated duration of Doom Eternal is difficult to reflect in an optimal way, and that it will be up to each player to finish it sooner or later. What is certain is that it is a game longer than the previous installment.

The developer explained that he was surprised when he saw some of the Doom 2016 tests. For players trying to finish it fast, the range was between 12 and 13 hours. But there were also people who took 30, 32, and 35 hours to finish it. It is something very difficult to actually measure precisely.

Bethesda has shared the first official trailer of the DOOM Eternal multiplayer. We still don’t know how many game modes it will have but this is the first one that they show without teasers in between.

Battlemode will be an asymmetrical game mode in which two player-controlled demons will have to end a “Doomguy” also controlled by a player.

The marine will have at his disposal many weapons and tools as well as the possibility of traveling with portals at the ends of the map. The demons will have their special abilities, the possibility of setting traps and much more. In the end, the objective is the same for each side, killing each other.

I remind you that DOOM Eternal will release on November 22 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It promises to be one of the most brutal deliveries of the id Software franchise.

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