The “Genesis” Of The Stylistic Devil May Cry Combat Was A “Bug”

Devil May Cry is known for its stylistic combat. Turns out, one of the iconic Devil May Cry combat moves originated as a bug. According to Capcom, they encountered the bug in the original Devil May Cry.

Speaking with Dualshockers, game producer Matt Walker talked about how one of the iconic Devil May Cry combat moves came to existence.

The combat move in question is the one in which players launch enemies in the air and keep them in the air as long as they are hitting them.

He revealed this while talking about the Devil May Cry 5 auto-assist feature. According to Walker, this particular Devil May Cry combat move started as a bug in the original game.

It’s not that you shouldn’t be in the air. It dates back to the original Devil May Cry when we first had it, and it all started with a bug.

According to Walker, during the development, they noticed that when players launch enemies in the air they don’t come back down if they keep hitting them.

It was this that made them realize how cool this combat move actually is. This became the “genesis” of the Devil May Cry gameplay.

It was a bug. They found out that when an enemy was launched in the air, if you kept attacking it, it would stay in the air. That’s when they kind of realized that it was actually cool. That’s the genesis of that gameplay for Devil May Cry.

Speaking of the game, Devil May Cry 5 will also launch for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Not only that, the game will be native 4K on PS4 Pro. The confirmation comes from game producer Matt Walker himself.

However, I suspect that the game will use the dynamic resolution to target Native 4K. But, if the team has managed to achieve native 4K on Ps4 Pro then it is a remarkable feat.

Also, fans are happy that Capcom is bringing them Devil May Cry 5. But, the game director originally wanted a sequel to DmC: Devil May Cry.

According to Hideaki Itsuno, Devil May 5 features a lot of stuff that the studio learned from the 2013 reboot.

Devil May Cry 5 is an action hack-n-slash title in development at Capcom. The game rolls out on March 8, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Dualshockers

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