Ice-T the Rapper Will Voice a Character in Borderlands 3 But Who?

Ice-T the rapper and later turned actor has claimed on Twitter that there are rumors of his appearance in Borderlands 3 as a voice actor. It’s more kind of a confirmation since the rumor was started by none other than the rapper himself.

The famous rapper shared this rumor alongside the trailer announcement of Borderlands 3 at PAX EAST 2019. His Tweet was later reshared on Gearbox’s official feed confirming that it’s not just a rumour. This doesn’t come as a surprise because the American rapper is known as a gamer and for Tweeting stuff about games in the past.

He’s mostly seen on Twitter talking about Desinty 2. Back in 2009, he grabbed a copy of the original Borderlands and finished it in straight 4 hours. Looks like he’s going to do that once again as Gearbox has also announced the remastered version of Borderlands 1 titled Borderlands: Game of The Year Edition.

With that aside, let’s talk about the upcoming Borderlands game in the series which has been in rumors and requested by fans from a very long time but finally happening.

The game was officially announced yesterday without any mention of its release date. As expected, the game will be based on exploration like the previous games. The third mainline game in the series contains a total of 4 vault hunters which we will be able to take control of. One of them looks like a robot though.

There’s a variety of characters returning to the game as promised by CEO Randy Pitchford. These characters include Brick, Lilith, elder Tiny Tina and the Rhys from Telltale’s spin-off called Tales from the Borderlands. Yes, this also marks the return of Claptrap. The trailer shows us vault hunters doing a lot of action moves, roaming around in vehicles while using different weapons to take down monsters.

It’s the biggest game yet in the series as it will be taking place across different planets including Pandora and features more than one billion guns. This seems like over exaggerating but it’s very possible since there were over 18 million guns in Borderlands 2. Above all, there’s even a gun with legs this time and yes we are not even joking.

Gearbox Software says that more information about the upcoming Borderlands game will be shared with us on April 3rd along with the release of Borderlands 1 remaster. In case, if it’s not revealed at that point then we may need to wait for it alteast till E3 2019.

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