How to Use Oxygen Bladder in Icarus

Breathing is your number one priority in Icarus as the atmosphere you’ll be entering is toxic and unbreathable. To properly breathe on this alien planet you must acquire an Oxygen Bladder. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Oxygen Bladder in Icarus.

How to Use Oxygen Bladder in Icarus

Icarus is a survival game and at first glance, it fools you into believing that it’s taking place on your home planet Earth.

In reality, it’s a completely different planet filled with savage wildlife and a toxic atmosphere, making it impossible to breathe without finding an external source.

Once you’ve built a shelter, you’re going to want to start finding a way to make exploration through the planet’s harsh environment possible.

The external source you’ll be finding to survive will be the Oxygen Bladder. However, before actually crafting an Oxygen Bladder, you must first build a few additional devices.

The sad news for new players is that the Oxygen Bladder is only available for use when you’ve successfully reached level 10 and are on the second-level tech tree.

So, if you’re below the required level, first grind your way to level 10, and then you can craft your own Oxygen Bladder and breathe freely on Icarus. For those who’ve already reached the required level and tech tree, the bladder is found below the waterskin on the tech tree.

How to Craft Oxygen Bladder

You must unlock these blueprints first along with a crafting bench (costs 12 fibers, 20 sticks, 50 wood, and 12 stones) to proceed further into the crafting process.

Simply interact with the bench to get the recipe for the Bladder which costs you an additional 20 fiber, 30 leather, and 8 bone.

Oxite Ores

Starting off with the basics, use your Pickaxe to chop your way through Oxite Ores found randomly around the Forest Biome. Collecting Ore puts it in your inventory.


Furthermore, you must craft an oxidizer that requires a total of 8 Sticks, 12 Fiber, 20 Leather, and 10 Bones. You can simply hunt down animals to reach your target. Once crafted, fill it with the Oxite Ore you collected previously.

The best thing about an oxidizer is that it can be picked up and relocated the moment it’s crafted. Also, it isn’t difficult to carry around either which will help you a lot during exploration.

Oxite Dissolver

Once you’ve got your Oxidizer ready, it’s time to craft an Oxite Dissolver as, without it, you can’t craft an Oxygen Bladder. The Oxite Dissolver is worth 8 Wood, 24 Leather, and 8 Bones and requires Sulfur as well as Oxite to work.

If you’ve already collected Oxite, you’ve completed half the task. As for sulfur, it’s found above ground instead of caves and needs to be mined with any one of your pickaxes ranging from stone to titanium.

Next up is the last stage of crafting an Oxygen Bladder in Icarus.

Oxygen Bladder

Finally, the wait is over and you can craft your own Oxygen Bladder and venture around the planet of Icarus with breathable air. Interact with the Oxite Dissolver and you’ll find different slots.

The slots marked as Container is where you’ll place the Oxygen bladder. The second rows below are where you’ll place the Oxite Ore. Below that is the fuel section where you place sulfur to power the dissolver.

Once you’ve got Sulfur, Oxite, and your bladder ready, you’ll be ready to breathe fresh air.

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