Hyrule Warriors – How to Kill Captains

Hyrule Warriors
So you want to learn how to take out some of the annoying subboss enemies in Hyrule Warriors, huh? Fear not, as there are plenty of neat little tricks that can make seemingly difficult captains quite easy.

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Hyrule Warriors – Captain Tips

This is a simple guide that will give you tips on how to deal with some of the different captain subbosses like the Moblins and Lizalfos.

With the Aerofols, you’ll have to play the waiting and patience game. These guys don’t give you a very large window of opportunity to attack consistently with decent damage output, so the best way to deal with them is to wait until they do their fire breath or slam.

As you see those attacks coming, dodge under them to get behind and wait for the weak spot opening. When they aren’t airborne, you should constantly harassing them and try to juggle them until they block and retreat.

Big Poe
These guys can be pretty annoying, but the best way to deal with them is to shoot them with an arrow right when they are charging up their magic.

This will give you a window of opportunity to get in behind them and hit their weak spot. An alternative method to make them vulnerable is to use bombs to launch them in the air – they won’t be able to teleport and you can simply juggle them constantly.

Darknut and Stalmaster
These two subbosses are pretty similar, and show a similar kind of weakness to Arrows. Arrow Chase these guys – if they block your arrow, shoot again.

Once you hit them, dodge cancel and run behind them. You’ll be able to expose the weak point gauge without them reacting. Make sure you don’t get too close them while you’re running around or they’ll backswing you. This strategy makes these guys incredibly easy.

For these guys, you just need to rush them till they bow, after which you should retreat and wait. Finally, fire your arrows as their weak spot comes up, rush back in and perform a combo. Rinse and repeat.

Goron Captain
These guys are quite straightforward. You just need to be constantly on the offensive against them, attacking relentless and only stopping when they roll and glow, during which case you should be dodging to the side.

After their attack, counter them by exploiting their weak point.

For these guys using a decent hookshot works wonders provided you can land it properly. Apart from that, just use the simple light attack followed by a heavy attack to launch them in the air, after which you can deal with them easily.

When they breathe their fire, try to get behind them and wait for their weak spot to get exposed.

Moblins and Shield Moblins
These guys are pretty straight forward, and you should try and attack them relentlessly, then dash backwards whenever they try to do their spear swing.

The best strategy to deal with Moblins of any type is to use bombs, which can launch them, allowing you to unleash a combo. You can also arrow chase the ones without the Shields and arrow chase them whenever their weakness is exposed for a long enough duration.

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