Hyrule Warriors Boss Tips and Strategy Guide

Demon Lords have ascended from the darkest pits of Hell to bring about the utter destruction of the land of Hyrule and everything in it. Now it has come down to Link and his allies from the Legend of Zelda franchise to save the world from this imminent destruction.

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Hyrule Warriors Boss Tips

Throughout the Legend Mode, you’ll come across different bosses who will test your courage and determination to save the world. Some of these bosses will appear more than once, but the basic idea of defeating them will remain the same.

In addition to the main bosses, you’ll also come across warriors from your own squad, but defeating them isn’t hard. This guide basically covers all major bosses that you’ll encounter in the game.

The best way to take out Volga is by directly heading in for an assault.

You need to keep on pushing him until you’re thrown off a Force Blast. Immediately after this attack, he will most probably come down for a dropdown attack. As soon as you see him going into the air, dodge to either side to avoid taking damage.

After recovering, you need to start hitting him again; especially near his weak mark. The good thing about this battle is that you need to make his HP drop to about fifty per cent. Keep on repeating the same process mentioned above and Volga will run away from the battle.

King Dodongo
As soon as you see this boss, waste no time and starting attacking him before he destroys the Keep. First off, you need to reveal his weak mark which is pretty simple to do.

As soon as the boss opens up his mouth, toss a bomb inside to reveal the weak mark. Immediately after tossing the bomb, go ahead for some sword action.

You will also see the boss standing on the two legs. When you see this happening, back away and be ready to dodge either the rolling attack or the shockwave. Dodge these attacks by rolling or jumping in any direction.

In addition to this, he will also send in a shockwave your way by producing a roaring sound. You will know about this shockwave by paying close attention on the head of this boss. Whenever you see this boss turning away his head, move away quickly as a shockwave will be headed your way.

Some of the other attacks at this boss’s disposal are quite easy to dodge. All you need to do is to avoid the sound shockwave as it deals the maximum amount of damage. Keep on repeating the process and you will come out victorious in no time.

Twisted Wizard Wizzro
As soon as this fight starts, you’ll note that this boss fires spectral fire almost everywhere. Due to this fact, one of the best ways to defeat this boss is by standing in front of him and having your guard up. The reason as to why you need to do is to make Wizzro reveal his weak mark.

You need to keep on blocking his attacks and as soon as he reveals his weak mark, roll forward and start aiming at the weak mark. Again, stand in the front and have your guard up followed by rolling forward and cutting him down.

You need to keep on repeating this process until the boss flees from the battle.

The primary attack at this boss’s disposal is its laser beam with which it sweeps the whole area in front of it. These laser beams are quite easy to dodge if know which kind of laser it’s going to be and how to dodge it effectively.

It the boss looks to its left, the laser will sweep the area in a horizontal manner and if its look down, the laser will sweep the area in vertical manner.

In addition to this, if you see some kind of an energy-ball in its eyes, it will fire that energy-ball directly on you. Coming to attacking him, after each of the attacks mentioned above, you’ll see the boss’s eye transform into blue colour.

As soon as the eye turns blue, shoot an arrow in the eye and its weak mark will be revealed. This is the exact moment when you need to lay your strike and deal some decent amount of damage.

In addition to the lasers, Gohma will also raise its limbs to sweep the area in front of it, in the shape of a tornado attack. Lastly, the Gohma will leap into the air and will come down with a devastating attack.

Keep your eye peeled for the large highlighted area on the ground when he leaps into the air and dodge the attack. Keep on repeating the process provided above to win this boss fight.

First off, all of the heads of this boss will aim directly at you in a locked pattern. As soon as you see the heads aiming at you, bring you guard up. Keep on blocking these attacks and as soon as you see the boss’s Stalks turn green, go ahead and start attacking.

I wouldn’t recommend attacking the boss with your regular attacks. Instead, try your newly acquired Boomerang. You need to aim at all of her heads which will reveal her weak mark.

Another boss attack that you need to keep in mind is when all of her heads align in a single horizontal line and try to cut you down. Blocking is ineffective against this attack and you need to throw a Boomerang to attack all her heads at once and reveal her weak mark.

She will also start thrashing the ground which cannot be blocked and you must dodge away to avoid taking damage from this attack. Other attacks like poison attack (when she looks into the air) and Manhandla Stalks are quite easy to avoid.

Once you drop down enough of her health, she will go into the ground and will resurface at a later time. For the second part of the fight, you need to keep the strategy mentioned above to complete this boss fight and this scenario.

This boss fight is pretty easy and straightforward! Do note that you need your Hookshot to reveal the weak mark of this boss. One of the best things about this boss fight is that the attacks of this boss have very limited range which doesn’t pose much a threat at long ranges.

This boss emits fire from both its mouth and tail and turns into blue colour after the attacks to indicate that it’s vulnerable to attack. You need to stick to the areas on its sides and use the Hookshot to bring it down.

As soon as you see the boss flipping its wings violently, dodge to either side for it will create a strong tornado which will move in your direction.

Once the tornado is settled, use the Hookshot to bring down the beast again. In addition to all these attacks, the boss will also fire fireballs from its mouths, but once again, they are pretty easy to dodge.

This is one of the easiest fights in the game. All you need to do is keep on blocking its attacks until you its weak mark is revealed. After his weak mark is revealed, he takes up quite a lot amount of damage.

The best strategy to use against this boss is to get behind him and then attack him with long combos. If you damage it enough, it will retreat from the battleground.

The boss will appear quite later in this scenario. Once he does, you need to take out all of the Big Poes in the area to weaken the boss and then take him out to complete the scenario.

King Dodongo Version II and Zelda
The strategy involved in defeating this boss second time around is almost same as the first time. However, do note that he won’t open up his mouth that often to allow you to toss any bombs into it. Other than this, almost all of his moves are almost the same as the first one.

Once again, wait for him to open up his mouth for a fireball attack and toss a bomb into his mouth. As soon as you will toss a bomb into this mouth, his weak mark will be revealed and you will be free to execute your own powerful attacks.

Keep on repeating this process until the boss is defeated. With the King Dodongo out of your way, you need to focus your entire attention on the Zelda. Once again, the best strategy to use against this boss is to keep blocking her attacks until her weak point is revealed.

Once it does, keep on attacking her until she is defeated or gets back on her feet. Do note that this is a pretty long fight and you will need a lot of patience to complete it.

The Imprisoned
As soon as you see this boss, waste no time in reaching it lest it will destroy all Keeps. In order to bring him down, you need to start attacking the toes on both its feet.

With these toes destroyed, the creature will come down to its knees and his weak mark will be revealed. However, attacking those toes is not as simple as it sounds like.

Every time the boss stomps its feet on the ground, it creates a shockwave which damages anyone in its radius. Your best bet is to keep on attacking both his foot alternatively to avoid taking damage.

After dropping the weak mark HP to about fifty per cent, the boss will begin slithering on the ground. At this point, you need to move away from the boss or you’ll take pretty insane amount of damage.

The boss will get back on its feet after both of its toes regenerate health and will start moving towards the West Cannon Keep. You need to get there and capture the Keep. After capturing the Keep, you need to use the Groosenator on the boss to reveal its weak mark almost instantly.

This weak mark will appear for quite a long time, giving you enough time to reach and begin attacking it.

After dropping his overall HP to about fifty per cent, the boss will begin sending electrified shockwaves towards you. These waves must be dodged to avoid taking massive amount of damage. Once again, stick to the strategy of attacking both his feet alternatively.

Keep on attacking the boss and he will eventually start moving towards the East Cannon Keep. Once again, hurry there and capture the Keep to use the Groosenator on the boss.

His last destination is Allied Base. Once again, repeat the process of capturing the Keep and using Groosenator to reveal the weak mark of the boss before killing it once and for all.

Ganondorf’s attacks will instantly remind you of Manhandla. There is no rocket science involved in dodging the attacks of this boss which are pretty straightforward.

However, I’d highly recommend keeping your distance from this boss. The best strategy to use against this boss is to keeping on blocking his attacks and charging in as soon as you see his weak mark appear.

He has a couple of moves which has pretty insane range so it’s advised to stay away. You can also dodge and get behind him for an obvious advantage over him. Keep on attacking him with your regular and special attacks to force him to retreat from the area.

The battle will start with Ganon’s shoulders opening up to shoot seeds at you. You need to use your Boomerang and target the two horns to make the boss stop using this attack.

In addition to this, the boss will always follow you around the battleground with his fire-breathing attack. This attack can be dodged by running around the field.

Immediately after this attack, you’ll his tail growing blue. This indicates that it’s time to use your Hookshot and bring the boss down.

Whenever you see this boss lifting up his left arm to throw a fireball at you, you need to use your bow almost instantly. When you see him raising his right hand, toss some bombs at him to make him stop using his attacks.

Keep on following the strategy above and the boss will soon change its attacking patterns. He will start stomping the ground and will leap into the air to come down with a drop-down attack.

Both of these attacks are pretty easy to dodge; just keep your distance and move from the highlighted area on the ground to avoid taking damage.

You need to keep a close eye on his forehead. As soon as you see his forehead glowing, start moving away from him as he will rush towards you and will do a 180 spin to deal significant amount of damage.

At the end of this move, his head will again begin glowing, welcoming you to attack him. A little after this point, you will receive Light Arrows. These arrows increase the life of all of you allies. Use these arrows to keep your allies alive and pin down the boss.

There are some other attacks which make the boss’s forehead glow. When you see him burying his hands in the ground, he will come up with an attack. You need to shoot in time to make his follow-up attack useless.

Fail to do so and the boss will leap into the air executing an upper-cut. These are the only moves that you need to keep in mind since they reveal the boss’s weak points.

He will also raise his left hand to throw a beam of dark energy towards you which can easily be dodged by moving to any side. Do make sure to avoid this beam as it stays in the air for a couple of seconds and deals pretty good amount of damage.

You need to stay focused and shoot the jewel on his head to bring him down and start attacking with your strong and special attacks. This is going to be a pretty long fight, but keep an eye out for the attacks mentioned above and you’ll take him out with relative ease.

Don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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