Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Mipha the Zora Princess Walkthrough

In the second chapter of Hyrule Warrior: Age of Calamity, you will be playing the quest called Mipha the Zora Princess. In this guide, we will go through all you need to know about Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Mipha the Zora Princess quest.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Mipha the Zora Princess

There is a lot to know about this quest, including the requirements and preparations, the rewards, different collectibles and some tips.

Preparations and Unlockables

Before you can start this quest, you need to make sure that you have completed Guardian Amok. There are no specific missions to do, but the “Guardian Amok” Level must be completed.

You will unlock a number of challenges, including Kakariko’s Best Babysitter (Impa), A Fruitful Offering (Mipha), The Zora Who Wouldn’t Swim (Mipha), Relief for Soldier Stress (Unlock Service), Entrance Test (Unlock Service), Shop-Quick Store (Unlock Service), Superb Fish Dish (Cooking), A Birthday Treat (Cooking)  and Needed: Researchers! (Shiekah Sensor).

You’ll even unlock Mipha as a playable character for completing this mission!


The first and foremost step is to rescue the Zora Captain. Head down the bridge as you spin and use water-based attacks to a healing buff can be applied to the allies.


You will eventually find Wizzrobe, who is an elemental based enemy and weak against water attacks. Defeat him to rescue the Zora Captain.

You will be required to save more Zora Captains. Go north first as this one is the closest.

Fight the Moblin off and rescue the captain. Switch between characters that are close to the captains and defeat the enemies. Take out the Fire and Electric Wizzrobe to save the last captain.

After rescuing the four captains, get ready to fight some mobs and the newly spawned Wizzrobes in the map’s corners.

Send other characters to deal with the Wizzrobes and deal with the Six Hoardes spawned at the bottom of the map.

You can always switch between characters that are close to the waypoint where the Captains are asking for help.

Once you have helped them, you can just keep on switching till all the enemies are dead.

There are three Korok Seeds too! The first one is the grassy area of the outpost in the bottom right corner.

Look for the area east of Zora building to find the flower pinwheel near the trees.

The next one is near the breakable pot, next to the eastern bridge, which is located right from Zora’s palace. The last Korok Seed is on the northwestern path from where you can see the Zora’s Palace too.

Let’s get back to the main quest. With all the hordes dealt with, it’s time to locate and help Sidon, who is trying to fight the massive Lynel.

You can find Sidon in the northern area of the map. Once you reach the area, you will see Sidon up against the gigantic Lynel.

Lynel is the boss you need to defeat before progressing in the main quest. This boss is very quick in attacking, so make sure you dodge well.

He also has a lot of health; even after the health bar finishes, he will still be alive for some time.

Use Mipha and her special attack to deal a huge amount of damage along with healing the nearby companions.

Once you have successfully defeated Lynel, you will gain control of the Divine Beast, Vah Ruta.

The goal here will be to reach the end of the map without losing any heath. At the end of the map, you will need to finish off the Lynels shooting electric arrows.

Along the way, use Vah Ruta’s ice beams and the stronger ice attacks to deal with the enemies.

Make sure that the attacks are executed after they have been recharged. Kill the enemies with an exclamation mark above them, first as they are about to attack you.

You can use the devastating Special ice attack that shoots beams of ice that you can even direct!

I would recommend that you keep this special attack for the Lynels at the end. This attack requires a full recharge and will be really effective in the end.