Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode Map Unlocks Guide – Characters, Weapons, Item Cards

The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors mesh, Hyrule Warriors contains a special Adventure Mode which allows player to unlock new weapons, items, and characters.

Those of you who haven’t tried the Adventure Mode, your task is to access different areas of the map; a map which is almost identical to the original Legend of Zelda map.

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Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode Map Unlocks

You must complete battles with certain ranks to unlock different sections of the map. In the image provided below, Link can be seen standing on eighth row and eighth column, surrounded by three directional arrows.

Arrows indicate the required rank to unlock other sections. For example, if Link manages to obtain ‘B’ or higher rank, all three sections will become available. Getting a ‘C’ will, however, only unlock the squares on left and top.

Adventure Mode Map

Along with attaining certain ranks, Legend Mode must be completed to unlock different areas. Here’s a quick rundown of everything:

  • Green Area – Valley of Seers: The Sorceress of the Valley
  • Orange Area – Palace of Twilight: The Shadow King
  • Purple Area – Lake Hylia: The Water Temple
  • Brown Area – Sealed Grounds: Sealed Ambition
  • Blue Area – Valley of Seers: Shining Beacon
  • Red Area – Ganon’s Tower: Liberation of the Triforce

Different Item Cards are dropped for completing different areas. The image provided below details which squares must be completed to unlock different Item Cards. However, do note that these items sometimes shuffle squares.

Adventure Mode #2

For the sake of convenience, I’m listing down unique rewards like characters and weapons. For common rewards, keep on exploring the map:

3-3 square unlocks Zant as a playable character. Use the search option and use Digging Mitts on the ‘X’ and complete the level.

Lana’s Summoning Gate
3-16 square unlocks Lana’s Summoning Gate weapon. Use Digging Mitts and Raft to get it.

4-7 square unlocks Agitha as a playable character. Toss a Water Bomb at the rock and complete the level.

Link’s Silver Gauntlets
5-9 square unlocks Link’s Silver Gauntlets. You will come across a long line of trees. You need to use a Candle at the intersection of both tree lines in the top-left corner and get the reward.

Princess Ruto
5-10 square unlocks Princess Ruto as a playable character. Use the Power Bracelet Item Card to carry the rock and complete the level.

Zelda’s Wind Waker
5-12 square unlocks Zelda’s Wind Waker weapon. Use a Candle Item Card on the black tree to get the reward.

Adventure Mode #3

Impa’s Nagita
Complete the 7-9 square to unlock this weapon.

7-3 square rewards Ghirahim as a playable character. You need to use Candle Item Card on the first tree below the column where trees start to appear in pairs and complete the level.

Link’s Great Fairy Weapon
Square 8-1 unlocks this weapon. Use the Ice Arrow Item Card on the fire ring and complete the level.

Comment if there is anything confusing and we will try to help you out!

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