Hyrule Warriors Advanced Combat Techniques Guide

Hyrule Warriors
Fighting those foes in Hyrule can be a challenging task, especially if your reflexes have been a bit rusty lately.

Fear not though, because a few simple techniques will take you quite far, provided you practice them enough to know their use and effectiveness in combat.

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Hyrule Warriors Advanced Combat Techniques

This guide will go over some of the various important combat techniques that can help you in sticky situations and against most foes. If you have any additional techniques you feel should be a part of this compilation, feel free to share in the comments section below.

Arrow Chasing
This is a very important technique used to take down some of the tougher subbosses and bosses of the game. When you hit an enemy with an arrow, it will start glowing white.

It will result in that enemy being in a ‘paused’ state, meaning their attacks slow down, as do their reaction time. However, this will also pause their weak spot meter, so while it may glitter, it’s not necessarily gold.

In order to make sure you get the best out of Arrow Chasing, you should time it in a manner when their weak spot meter is at the ideal position. These will leave them completely vulnerable, and can give you enough time to unleash a combo.

Combine Arrow Chasing with Dodge Cancels to get to them faster while they are in this paused state, and you’ll be able to finish off the most intimidating foes once you start timing your shots.

Dodge Cancelling
This is a basic technique used to get out of a dodge animation and give yourself the upper hand against enemies. During certain attack or hurt animations, you can dodge during them.

When you do, you are temporarily invincible and can get out of the dodge animation with certain characters. This makes Ghirahim the most broken character, as his heavy attack can be dodge cancelled easily and allow you to take down bosses within seconds.

An important thing to note though is not to hold on to the dodge button while attempt to dodge cancel.

If you do, you’ll end up dodging an extra bit of distance, and will also give up invincibility frames. This can leave you vulnerable and in a running state when you get out of the dodge.

There are certain enemies in the game that will block after the second hit, which can greatly restrict the amount of damage you can do to them.

In order to counter this problem, you can launch them in the air and attack them while they are in midair, where they will be unable to block your attacks.

To do this, you need to do a Light Attack, followed by a Heavy Attack (Midna is Light, Light, then Heavy). This will launch the enemy into the air, and you can follow it up with a few extra heavy or light attacks for some additional uninterrupted damage.

Special Counters
Specials are unique because they ignore the attacks of the enemy. For this reason, using Specials as counters sometimes is the best way to defend yourself, living true to the cliché saying, “the best defense is a good offense.”

When you feel an enemy is about to land a very heavy attack on you, simply your use Special. During the entire time of your special move you’ll be invincible, rendering the enemy’s powerful attack useless, provided you timed it right.

Dash Block and Dodge Block
Dash block is a fairly simple technique whose usefulness is actually overlooked by a lot of people. While running, if you hold block then dodge while blocking, you will come out straight to block with good timing.

This is mighty useful as you don’t have to wait for the dash animation to end in order to block, and you can simply block attacks that you are about to run into when facing enemies.

Similarly you can simply hold on to your block and dodge, and when you remerge you will automatically be blocking if you are holding on to it. Again extremely useful for quick dodge-block combinations when dealing with relentless foes.

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