Hunters League Guide – Levling, Skills, Leaders (Beginners Tips And Tricks)

Our Hunters League Guide for Beginners will help you learn everything you need to know about getting started with Hunter League including leveling, co-op play, and leaders.

Hunters League Guide

Hunters League is a free-to-play mobile fantasy RPG game for mobile users. The game allows players to team up and hunt down monsters and other players. This makes for a fast, fun, and exhilarating online session which adds to the replay value. Being so addictive, you need to get good at it so you’re not spending your time in total misery.

For that purpose, we have some tips to help you have mastery to a certain degree over the game. Note, the game goes by Hunters League: The Story of Weapon Masters on Android and Hunters League Begins on iOS. Okay, let’s head straight into the world of Hunters League.

Leveling And Skills

Unlike other RPGs, you can only use one weapon at a time from your inventory so commitment plays a big role here. You need to make sure that the weapon you choose at the start is the one you’re willing to stick with for the remainder of your time with the game. This will be the weapon which you will level up such that its stats are maxed out.

No matter how many weapons you unlock, you can only bring one into battle. The rarest ones are always the more powerful ones, so take note of that. Once you equip a weapon that suits your play-style and deals huge damage output then we can move towards the next step: modifying the equipment.

Use SP to increase the power of the weapon and artifacts to boost its stats. Acquiring materials for the upgrade of the weapon is difficult and scattered throughout the world but as the game progresses, you’ll come across more of them.

Cooperation With Friends

Having friends in the game will result in many advantages like lending or borrowing weapons from them, and share other rare items in the game. It also makes the combat a lot easier since cooperation with friends boost strategy and planning. Different ideas lead to different approaches and that may be what you require in a point in the game.

Don’t Shy Away from Collecting

Keep collecting every single item you receive in the game. This is when you log into the game, complete missions and so on. When those notifications pop up (red dots on the menu), make sure to hover over and collect all the goodies since you don’t wanna miss out on them.

Choosing Leaders

You can choose different leaders in the game. Knowing when to choose which one can make the difference in the stages you encounter. For e.g. for a higher damage output you may require someone like Michelle who can boost power of attacks. Other scenarios will prompt you to choose leaders which are more defense-oriented. So make a habit of choosing the leader which fits the situation right.

Winning Battles!

At the end of the day we all know its about triumph. No one can stand defeat (I know I can’t). Less about you, and more about your character, the game rewards those who have maxed out on their weapons and skills. However, in some areas, your observations and response could mean a great deal to how the actual outcome is.

When dodging attacks or inflicting damage onto opponents, always use all your heroes to do so. Select all of them at once so that they move or attack together. Additionally, charging skills lead to a higher overall damage output so make sure you hold down on the skill button every now and then.

Even in cases of fighting bosses, these tricks come in handy. Moreover, you can use the team power-up attack on these bosses which deals massive amount of damage. Remember to target bosses because the enemies around them would perish automatically if the boss is destroyed.

This is all we have in our Hunters League Guide for Beginners. Found anything missing or confusing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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