Hunted The Demons Forge Walkthrough

Hunted The Demons Forge walkthrough takes you on a dark journey in the fantasy world with an amazing cooperative action which puts you and your partner against waves of vicious enemies.

Hunted The Demons Forge Walkthrough

You will take control of either E’lara, a ranged weapon expert, or Caddoc, a master swordsman, you must use a variety of weapons, powerful spells, and cover tactics to battle your way through menacing dungeons, overgrown ruins, and downtrodden towns.

During your journey you will discover secrets and complete co-op-based puzzles whilst exploring the sinister world to discover answers to the game’s deep, dark mysteries.

Story follows the corruption which is taking place all around and slowly is consuming all the people. Townsfolk are disappearing and Heinous creatures have emerged from the underground. Upon the promise of their fortune in gold, mercenaries E’lara and Caddoc are given the daunting task of discovering where the innocent villagers have been taken.

This journey will lead them on a dark and twisted path where they will encounter death, slavery, and sacrifice. Travel deep within the world of Kala Moor…and to the secrets of The Demon’s Forge.

To get you safely pass all the tests of the Dark world and complete all the puzzles, you can read the walkthrough below.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


The game is about the adventure of two mercenaries who enter a door that will define their future path.

Caddoc’s Dream
Caddoc is in a dream where he is being haunted by a female voice. Follow the voice. After some wandering, you will find that it was a dream and you have come back to the reality where Caddoc’s partner, E’lara is present along the campfire. E’lara will inquire about the dream and after some mocking, you will begin the quest to find the Fountain of Elisha in the next morning.

The Fountain of Elisha
You will be in control of E’lara and it’s time to learn some basics while you find the fountain. Caddoc will ask you to break the rope so that the bridge is straighten. Zoom in till you find the target (green icon) and then shoot to lower the bridge. On your way deeper into the forest, you will find some arrows to the left side. Pick them up to replenish the used ones.

Further ahead, your path will be interrupted by crawlers. Since it’s just the start, you will find them harmless. Best way to deal with them is either the Dragon’s Breath magic or with melee blows. Long range attacks won’t be that effective as they always keep on moving. You can always block the attacking crawler using your shield.

Before you can take water from the fountain, you will have to face a wave of Arackling crawlers. Shoot them from distance and then follow Caddoc to another wave of crawlers. E’lara now can also use her sword. Your choice either chop them down or shoot them from distance.

E’lara will the flask with water and after that Caddoc will spot the door he often sees in his dreams. They both will enter the door. Remember that once you have entered the gate or any break point, you can’t turn back.

Once inside, move along the path and you will find a stone placed on a pedestal. As you come closer to the stone, Seraphine(the girl from Caddoc’s dreams) will make an appearance. E’lara will touch the Deathstone impulsively and see the stone as a reward. This stone will actually render the characters with magical powers. Move quickly before the ruins fall on you.

You will end up in a confrontation with an army of skeletons. Skeletons do have ranged attacks. You can both melee them or use bows. For skeletons equipped with bows, you should take cover and shoot them from there. Naturally, head shots will do more damage than the other body parts. While battling with the skeletons, you will discover a white glowing potion that can be used to resurrect the fallen partner.

Caddoc has the ability to push heavy objects. Just stand by near the object and follow the on screen instructions to move that object. Up ahead, you will confront another wave of enemies.

Keep in mind that E’lara is not a as physical as Caddoc so use long range attacks as much as possible. She can use the fire arrows. Use these arrows to open the door to reveal another stone that will give your team the ability to switch between members.

The character switching ability is dependent on the stone you just found. These stones are few and far between during a chapter but once you spot them, you can use them to switch between characters Now switch to Caddoc and shake the tower so that you can move further. Next, you will find a deathstone body.

Listen to the tale and you will come to know about an ax. Follow the described path to get the ax. More skeletons will interrupt your path. You will get to know the physical strength of Caddoc this time.

After dealing with the skeletons, you will find a weapon rack. Also look for the crystal chests around that are important to upgrade magical powers. Weapon racks can be broken using melee attacks and the weapons revealed are related to the character who opened the rack. Also keep an eye on Caddoc’s Fury meter which once filled can be used to execute heavy attacks.

The Swamps Of Despair
Continue down the ruins. You will find a grass patch to the left. Cut he grass to collect the gold and then start moving on the main path. You will find a health vial and then another weapon stash. Crawlers will be there to give you company. Deal with them. You will find the ax in the center of the pool. You will find a plaque on the pillar.

Now direct E’lara to light an arrow and target this arrow to the pyre at the top of the island. Once the pyre is light, stones will make a path to the weapon. This ax has the ability to freeze enemies. For the enchanted weapons like these, you will limited supply so also keep an eye on the stacks to refill these weapons. You will have your chance shortly to test the weapons you have just acquired.

The resurrected skeletons can be a real pain as they can block the bows. You should dash side ways and break through their defense to mark a positive hit. You will need to both the characters to open the door. Seraphine will return to warn. She will also give you the Dragon’s Breath as a magical tool. To make it permanent, you will have to collect crystal so that you can cash in some magical tricks.

Further ahead, waves of skeletons will assault you. Here you need to stay isolated and see that you are not surrounded by a group of bony structures. Use lightening and when anyone gets close to you, don’t forget to use the melee attack and the shield. As the room lights, you will be out of any magic. Before you leave, you can check the secret passage leading to gold by displacing the statue.

You will reach some pits where you will find another crystal (you can buy magic now). The path will lead you to another chamber where you will find a weak wall to the left. E’lara should fire arrows to free the statue which then can be pushed by Caddoc to strike the weak wall. You will confront a demon coming out of land. You don’t have to fight it now and both the characters will escape.

Once outside, Seraphine will make another appearance. She will ask you for the crystals which will open the magic console where you can choose the magic of your choice or you can also select to upgrade weapons etc. The choice is completely yours. Choose what you think is best for you. Next, she will hand you another task which of course accompanies a reward.

Chapter 1

Caddoc and E’lara head to Defyed which now has been transformed into a ghost town. Their top priority remains to find Seraphine’s father and talk to him.

Town Entrance
There is nothing too adventurous at the start so just stroll and around gather some useful items like vials and weapons. To the street’s right, you will find a switching stone. You will encounter a new class of enemies (Wargar) which have variety of attacks and armor.

First few waves will be rather easy to deal with. After you have collected the switching stone, you will catch sight of a Wargar soldier destroying a citizen.

After the scene, Wargar arches will attack so get ready for that. Naturally, you will use E’lara’s arrows from distance. You should not be in open to avoid any direct hits. Next area will present the similar battle. This time Wargars will have height advantage. You can use the melee attacks but they prefer the ranged fight so give them what they want.

Beyond the gate, you will find Dragon’s tear (a very handy artifact) which you cash in for different rewards. In the narrow alley up ahead is another wave of Wargars. This time they will keep on closing distance on you. So stick with the long range attacks first and if they somehow get close, you will find the melee attacks more useful.

Throughout the town, you will find prisoners which you can free by arrows and listen to them for useful intel on the current situation. In the next section, you will find another Wargar bursting through a door and then he will take cover behind the wall and execute ranged attacks.

Deal with him quickly as more tough types will join in the party. Enter the house and you will come across a thin beam you need to cross. To the right is are two enchanted weapon crates. Look for the sign above the door, shoot it to open the door and smash the weapon racks to reveal some weapons.

Head back to the main area. You can collect a Regenerative Vial to your left below. Beware of the Wargars shooting from the bridge. You can use the wall hole as cover to get rid of them. You can also aim for the bridge ropes to take it down. You can use the hayloft there which actually overlooks the street as strategic point to deal with the next waves of enemies. Don’t forget to take the arrows on the ground.

Wargars are wise enemies. So you can expect them to be real pain sometimes. You might have to retreat sometimes to get them in open and then shoot. Get inside the gate to the far side of the street to access the area. So before you leave, it’s better that you explore the area for any useful items.

You will find one of Seraphine’s magic portals which you can use to upgrade the magic abilities. You will also find a purple switching stone just up ahead from the portal. I will recommend that you switch (or stick) to Caddoc as you Wargar close range combat awaits ahead.

The prisoner to your left will tell you about the explosives which you can find in the glowing jars and use them against the Wargars. In the next street, you will find a Wargar patrol. You don’t need to engage them straight away and let them walk to the explosive pots.

As soon as they get near the pots, shoot the arrow for a big bang. You can also use that two story building’s top as a vantage point to shoot the pots. There will be a couple of Wargars inside.

You will find more Wargars in a house (second story) across the yard. Aim for the explosive pots to get rid of them. When the fire is out, enter the house and look for the Regenerative Vial. You can look down to the left to find an explosive pot which you can shoot to open a secret passage which will find you a crystal chest. Head back to the house and jump through the hole and start heading towards the town square.

Free the prisoner and as you get close to the bridge, you will encounter more enemies. Use the rocks as cover and if anyone gets closer, melee is always the right choice. Another wave will close in from the archway to the far side of the bonfire. Easy pickings they will be. After dealing with them, head along the narrow passageway (archway leads to this alley). You will spot a dragon’s tear but you can’t have it yet.

Through the next gate, you will find a series of prison blocks. Fire an arrow and shoot it to the brazier on the ceiling to reveal the dragon’s tear. Use the stairs now to get to the ruins below. The skeleton should not present you any big trouble. To the distant end of the area, you will find a face carved telling you a hint.

You need to ignite the statue’s eyes. After you ignite both of it’s eyes, you may proceed through the revealed dark passage. Down the dark stairs is plenty of useful items. You may not want to miss them. The treasure chests will also awake the guardians but they are skeleton so you don’t need to worry much.

Back upstairs, and you will face the Dread. This creature carries two axes and is quite fast. You need to wait for the opening sometimes to attack it. Make sure that you that you roll away while it approaches while slashing with axes. Back to the prison cells, you will find Vial and more arrows.

The spirit guide can lead you to the next gate. In the next section, you will find that Wargars are more aggressive now. So keep your stance and keep an eye on the incoming enemies for melee combat.

There is a secret area on the back side of the huge house where you can free a prisoner and gather some gold and related useful material. Use the spirit guide to reach the next area.

Dyfed Inn
You will be attacked by the crawlers. Use magic to shut them down quickly. A dozen or so Aracklings will enter. Keep o moving so that they can’t surround you. Use any brutal attacks you have to deal with them before they overwhelm you. A Wargar will follow the crawlers. Deal with it and you will find your way ahead.

Don’t forget to break any crockery around to replenish your health. Another group of Wargar awaits ahead. After you are done with them, ignite E’lara’s arrow and shoot the hay cart on the bridge. Now push the burning cart to ignite the debris using Caddoc.

On the other side, another group of Wargar is waiting for you. You can use the explosive pots there against enemies which will also reveal the next passage. Across the wall, you will find a pair of stairs. Climb up to get a clear view to the bridge used by Wargar for transport. Aim for the explosive pot to bring down the bridge.

Follow the sound of the artillery now. If you feel the need, you can listen to the corpse using Deathstone and grab the switching stone. Keep on moving and gather all the useful items along the path. Before you climb the stairs, you can collect some gold by shooting the rope above the sign by the door.

You will catch sight of the ballista being used by Wargar. You need to be aggressive here if you want to get to the ballista. After you get hold of the artillery, use it against the Wargar waves approaching from the debris. In co-op, other member can take cover behind the artillery to be safe.

Once you are done with the progressive enemy waves, a cutscene will follow; After the cutscene, search the area for anything that is useful to you. In the narrow street ahead, you will be attacked by both the Wargar and Aracklings. Deal with the Wargars first till the crawlers reach you. Shift your attention towards them (crawlers) and then ultimately deal with the rest of the Wargars.

As you climb up the stairs, you will encounter a Wargar variant (Scorcher). To get rid of him, fire the explosive pots beneath so that the whole platform is smashed. You will find another explosive pot on the ground which you can blast to reveal a secret passage leading to a crystal chest.

Upgrade your abilities at the next Seraphine’s portal and then another Wargar waves will assault you. Two of them will be easy pickings while you will have to work harder for the rest around the courtyard. They will show the typical behavior that is some will hold ground while others will try to engage in a close combat.

You now have a puzzle to solve. You will be able to spot a plaque on the statue. Push the cart deeper to reveal fire. E’lara can now light her arrow. Look for the statue that don’t have a burning brazier and shoot the arrow at it. Head into the courtyard and collect the Dragon’s tear. Head through the narrow passage to another upgrade portal.

Town Center
Baddies have taken control of the central tower. You need to use the ballista to save the town hall which means that you are close to your main objective. Enter the front courtyard and expect heavy resistance inside. If you need the Regenerative Vial, you can get it in the planter. Avoid the Wargars and get around to reach the ballista.

Now your prime target is the tower but may well need to change your aim to the courtyard to deal with the incoming enemy waves. After the trouble is averted, Lord Mayor will invite you to the vault.

City Exit
You need to solve a puzzle to get to the survivors as described by Lord Mayor. The puzzle is very much similar to the stone face puzzle you solved earlier. Through the underground passage, you will find arrows and a dead body. Opposite to the skulls, you will find a brazier you need to ignite.

The flame can be found down the corridor to the left. Follow the path and a face (on the stone) will tell you that you need azure fire to escape the passages. Ignite E’lara’s arrow and head back to fire the brazier which will open the wall.

In the next area, you will find a coffin. There is a puzzle associated with it but that is not mandatory. You can skip it if you want but if you solve it you will find some treasure. If you need gold and weapon racks, track back till you find a chamber with gold and weapons inside (you will have track back even farther than the brazier). The skeletons there should not present any big trouble. You need to collect 4 runes to open the coffin and collect the treasure inside.

The Red ruin can be found just beside the wall with the plaque. Next, you will push some walls to find your way through. After pushing the first wall, look left to push another wall. Follow the revealed secret passage till the dead end. You now can push another wall. The following passage is connected with the puzzle but if you don’t have any interest in the treasure, return back to the previous pushed wall.

Now if you follow the path down the stairs, you will get an orange rune. In the next room, you will catch sight of the blue fire pit which you need to get through that face stone. As you head closer to the fire, a giant spider will pop up and squeeze you. You need to tap the onscreen buttons to free yourself.

Once you have freed yourself, the spider will track back into the shadows. Collect the azure flame and head back to open the passage. Or you can move further to collect rest of the runes. Fire the light arrow to purple crystals you must have encountered earlier. This will reveal another azure pit and a secret door. You can use the pit for igniting arrow for the stone face.

The third rune is on one of the walls in the new room. Head further down to reach the second move able wall. The path will lead you to an enclosed area. If you explore the left portion of this area you will find the final rune.

After collecting the rune, you will be attacked by an enemy. You need to get yourself to a safe distance and use ranged attacks specially the fireball magic. If cornered, roll away to get free. Use the same strategy till the beast is down.

Now you have all 4 runes, head back to the coffin and open the giant door to collect the treasure. It won’t be that easy as the guardian of the treasure will come to check your intrusion. The undead needs to be smashed with arrows and magic. His attacks can be dodged by the precise movements at the right time. Once you have dealt with the monster, use the azure flame and open the stone face to get to the surface.

Keep Entrance
You are quite close to your destination. You will have to get pass through a farmland full of Wargars. The first two Wargars will be heavily armored and arrows won’t be effective against them. You need to use heavy attacks or the melee combat to get rid of them.

It’s better that you engage one at a time to have strategic advantage. Look near the barn to the left and collect the weapons and the treasure inside the chest.

Inside the farmhouse, gather the vials and head upstairs. Deal with the Wargar. The best way to deal with these creatures is to dodge their attacks first and then counterattack while they are vulnerable. Now head back to the farmhouse and deal with more waves of enemies. Magic (splash-damage) here will be more effective.

Into the corn fields now. You will find two secrets areas where you collect useful items. One is behind the flattened corn and the other one is on the right side before you leave the fields.

Another wave if Wargars. You can stick to the same strategy (wait for the opening) along with some magic attacks (depends on the mana you have). You will find a Seraphine’s portal ahead before the big battle. So make sure that you upgrade your abilities or weapons before the big trial.

Boss Battle
The boss is a mutated Wargar on the top of Keep’s walls. He is not alone as you will soon find fellow Wargar arches marching in to add the fuss. Make sure that you deal with the Wargars entering the area progressively regularly or they will overwhelm you. When the big beast on the wall en-powers magic (glows red) this is your time to strike. Beware of the arrows that come after the gauge.

There are a couple of Regenerative Vials in the area. Keep them in mind as you most probably will need them. After a couple of minutes, your main foe will come to ground so that he can be engaged directly now. Simple arrows won’t be that effective against the beast so it’s better that you stick to the magic attacks. You can use arrows after using up the magic stamina but stay in cover while you use arrows.

Once the enemy retreats (vanishes and appears somewhere else) make sure that you are in cover as it will shoot fireballs. Get close to it (from cover to cover) and hit when you are close enough. It will retreat once more. Repeat the same procedure till it’s health run out completely. Once the beast is down, E’lara will get to it’s corpse to get information about the past which will also conclude the chapter.

Chapter 2

You continue your quest to find Lord Mayor’s daughter and other refugees, underground in the dark.

Well of Sorrows
Before you enter the dark well, explore the area to find anything beneficial like the weapons racks. Your prime objective from now on is to locate Mayor’s daughter. Move along the corridor and at the bend you will find red spots on the wall and a prisoner. You can release the prisoner by shooting the rope from distance.

The corpse there will tell you about the treasure in the next corridor. Cross the bridge above the Wargar soldiers. At the next bend you will find a sparking brazier. Stand on the plate beneath this brazier to reveal point of interest. Make Caddoc push the wall to reveal a treasure chest, weapon rack and a skull container.

In the next room, you will face a variety of enemies including Wargar Soldiers, Archers and Scorchers. Cover won’t save you this time and you will have to face the music. If you are in control of Caddoc, make your way through Wargar Soldiers to the Scorchers. You can use the melee attacks to defeat the soldiers.

If you will act lazy, Scorchers will prove lethal. In the next section, another wave of enemy will attack. This time you will be introduced with another Wargar variant (Zealot) which is tougher than it’s related forms. Here you can use cover and ranged attacks.

Take the stairs and open the door you find on the left side. Enter the area to gather everything inside. After lighting E’lara’s arrow, head back to the sealed door beside the entrance. To open the door, shoot an arrow from the hole to light the brazier which will open the door.

After gathering the items inside, enter the room to the left of the entrance. You will find a canister and a Zealot waiting for you inside. Once you have searcher the are for crystal chest and weapon racks, proceed to the main heading (raised Portcullis).

Exit through the door and at next turn, you will find a crawler feeding on the corpse. After getting rid of it, E’lara should light the brazier above. Well, if it gets dark through the passage, you will be ambushed by Arackilings so don’t let your guard down.

After jumping off the ledge, you will enter a large room. Some more Aracklings will approach. Stick to the basics to deal with them. Explore the area for any items. You will also find a Dragon Tear at the back side of the chamber.

Crypt Of Eternity
Enter the crypt of eternity. Crawlers will attacks as your turn left after entering through the hole. Use melee attacks on them. keep on moving and you will reach a closed gate. You will also catch sight of a treasure (across the door) which you can’t attain yet. A platform will be lowered. You need to solve a puzzle now.

You need to find ash piles to open the treasure chest. There is a platform at the back of the chamber, when both the characters step on it, the base of the disk will glow purple. You need to shoot the bells to move the disc to the new position. You will also find a switching stone nearby the platform so you can collect the stone before standing on it.

Move forward and then right to reach a corridor. A giant spider will interrupt your path. If it catches you, tap the on screen buttons to get yourself free. At the next turn, enter the room and gather some gold and a key to the chest at the center of the chamber. As you touch the chest, skeletons will attack.

Get rid of them and get back to your main path. The locked door can be unlocked by the key you have. Collect the heart from the old chest. Back on the disk now and after some distance, you will find a talking door that will require a heart. You already have it. Move through to another chamber.

You can collect the first ash pile here. One character should stand on the circular pressure plate while other gathers the ash from the fire tower appeared ahead. It won’t be an easy task as skeletons will ambush you the whole time. So keep it cool and don’t rush till you find an opening. Head to the third chamber now.

As you move on, beware of the poisonous dart traps that can be triggered if you step on pressure plate. Into the the main chamber now. You will find a corpse which you need to burn for the second ash. Caddoc should stand on the pressure plate. E’lara now can ignite her arrow through the brazier and burn the corpse. Once you have the ashes, collect the gold and leave the room.

Back to the starting point now. While you are on your way back to the tome (with ashes), you will encounter some enemies who are not happy that you are trying to access the vault. So deal with them before you can proceed further.

They should not present you any big trouble. No more interference and you can gather the treasure (using ashes) you saw through the door earlier. Head to the room next to the area you found Dragon’s tear to move further into the dark passage.

After leaving the Crypt, you will have your first confrontation after the bridge. Shoot them from distance and then tear rest apart using melee. Light the brazier ahead to illuminate corridor. Stay in light to avoid confrontation with any Aracklings. Enter the spider chamber. More bugs will assault you in the chamber.

A simple Melee training it should be. Collect the Regenerative Vial near the corpse. You will meet an escaped captive who will inform you about the Mayor’s daughter. Keep on moving along the path as you now know that you are on the right track.

In the prison, try to thin down enemies before climbing down the ledge. Once you are down, you need to deal with the rest of the guardians. Here, you should keep on moving as you shoot enemies. Staying at one spot for long time will make you vulnerable to direct hit.

Keep on moving down the path till you find fire coming out of the area. Cross this part and you will meet some crawlers. This is a test of your melee abilities as a dozen or so bugs will try to bite you from different angles. Find the exit door.

You will next see a spider disappearing into the shadows. Just ahead, Wargar Warriors and Scorchers will patrol towards your position. E’lara should deal with the later class while Caddoc’s physical attacks can take care of the warriors.

Move down the stairs and then into a a room where one of the escaped prisoner is about to torture one of the Wargar soldiers. The task will be left to you. So enter the room and complete his wish. You will have to face some reinforcement entering from the room’s back side.

Continue through the gate (used be the Wargar) and you will confront an infected Wargar. After a couple of hits, he will disappear and re-appear in the room you just left. So turn back and hit the creature with the full force before it can knock you out.

Move down the stairs. Your partner should move across the thin beam (wait till then) and then jump down the ledges. Some Aracklings will attack as you head down the main corridor. You will catch sight of the giant spider yet again and this will be the time when you are engaged with Wargar Warriors.

If you are taking too much damage, you can choose to head back up stairs and shoot the aligned targets which are relatively easy to pick. Head to the bridge area through the door on the platform down there.

Now the series of plank bridges can’t be crossed before you clear the area. Take your time to take out the enemies across as you move along the parts. On the final bridge be careful about the infected Wargar. On the far side, collect the gold coins and other collectibles and move through the mountain side door.

As you move along the dark passage, explosive barrels will hint your to blow them. A wall will be blown along the explosion. You will find a Crystal chest and a Corpse inside the revealed area.

When it feels like you have come to a dead end, a spider will appear and head back to the darkness. You have the lead now. Deal with the crawlers that will swarm through the hole. To the other side, the freed prisoner will warn you about a new kind of Wargar. When you reach outside, a ranged Wargar (Blastcaster) will attack you from distance. Caddoc should deal with the Warriors accompanying the Blastcaster.

You can use magic attacks (Dragon’s breath) to make it fall back to cover while Caddoc can approach near the creature and finish it off. You can use E’lara’s arrows against the enemies coming towards you through the long room. High vantage point is always well suited for her arrows. Use the stairs to reach the ruins below.

You will encounter Warriors and Guardians here so stay alert. If you are surrounded, don’t forget to use Caddoc’s Wind of Wrath to trap the enemies so that your partner can take care of them one by one.

After the fight, look for an ornament sort of article. Standing next to the gargoyle, you will spot an explosive barrel on the distant wall. The wall will fall and reveal a secret area which you can access once you get down. After a medium confrontation with the Wargar Warriors, enter the hole you created earlier to grab the items (A Dragon tear is inside).

Ballista City
To the next set of stairs, more crawlers will appear. You need to keep moving but beware of the Scorchers at the bottom as you don’t want get too close to them. E’lara like always can deal with the long ranged Scorchers and Caddoc should take care of the bugs.

More enemies (Zealots and Warriors) are down there to greet you in the courtyard across the entrance. Through the next door, you will reach a portal and an Oblelisk. Upgrade to your will and capacity. Move along and squeeze through the crack in the wall to enter the Ballista city.

To your right side is the main passage but before you head that way, you may want to collect some items to the right side. The ballista is aimed at you so you can’t stroll around in open.

Ultimately for sometime, you will have to make an open run for the projectile. Use Caddoc for any close range melees. Defeat the Infected Wargar and get control of the ballista and start supporting your partner.

Now you should make every shot count. Wargars will try to overwhelm you. If they somehow get too close you can leave the machine for a moment and switch to melee mode and then grab the weapon again. Explore the area for any goods.

After passing the door, Scorchers will be waiting for you. You should keep E’lara at distance to shoot the dangerous targets while Caddoc engages the enemy in close fight. While crossing the bridge on the far side, shoot the enemies below.

After climbing off the bridge, head to the direction of prisoners call. On the opposite side, you will find a door with a skull at the top. You need three more skulls to open this room. You can shoot one skull on the wall in the corner from the door.

Blast the barrel near the prisoner to reveal a passage where you can find the third skull. Climb the stairs that lead out of the area, you will find your final skull above a door. Shoot it and head back to collect the items.

Leave through the exit door and you will end up in a big Wargar battle. You being a long ranger should target Scorchers and Blastcasters. You can’t afford to stay at one point for too long so mobility and positioning is the key. You need to be sharp here or the opponent weapons can inflict you a lethal damage.

You should engage the infected Wargar only when you have dealt with the other foes or you will be in deep trouble. The teleports will be easy to pick so aim the target once you get the pattern. After you have defeated each for, search for useful items and then pull the lever to proceed ahead.

Deal with the Zealot and make your way into the Catacombs. From the ramp onwards, turn right into a candle filled chamber. Use the side passage that will lead you to a crypt. This crypt is same as the first chapter’. Solve the puzzle as you did earlier.

Move around the Sarcophagus without fall. There are two pressure plates at the back of the room. Both the characters need to stand on each plate. The brazier wall will move to reveal a passage.

You will need to solve a puzzle as described by the talking statue. Move to the archway direction and then use the stairs. Deal with the skeleton and in the room further, you will find a lot of hanged dead bodies.

The pressure plate is not to be pushed as it is a trap releasing poison darts. Place the missing skull to open the door. Continue to the fountain and you will find a brazier behind the waterfall. Search for the switch to the right side of the chamber to turn off the water. Shoot the brazier now to open the door.

Move through the revealed passage till you find a skull. The skeleton there is just to test your patience probably. Smash it anyways and head back to the door that requires the skull. You will be interrupted by a relatively stronger enemy which can be dealt with your magic.

Once the door opens you will find some items along with a blue flower. You can use this flower to solve the puzzle. While your way back to the statue, you need to deal with skeletons lead by a variant creature.

Burn the flower in front of the statue to reveal a chamber. Enter it to gather the gold and then pull the lever to reveal open the gate that will lead you to the treasure vault. Once in the main vault, you will be attacked by the guardian creature.

It is very aggressive so make sure that you are on your blocking moves as the creature approaches you fast. Deal with it and take the door to the next section.

Spider Lair
Jump off the ledge and use the upgrade portal for the necessary upgrades. Use the door to enter the next room which is more or less a triangle. The liquid called “Sleg” there can break the partnership between the characters. It will render you some great power though as you shall be lost in the darkness.

It will also change the ending of course. You will have to deal with all sorts of Wargars. Seems dangerous as you read but on the battlefield, you should by now be fully capable of dealing with them. It is recommended that you take them out one by one instead of facing them in a group.Move through the door to the corridor that will lead you to the Queen of Darkness. Time for some serious action.

Boss Battle
Here is the deal. You need to deal with the Wargar Guardians first and then the Infected Wargar below. Take cover behind the stone and deal with the guardians as they try to climb up the stairs. You will have to change your position continuously so that you may not hit by the explosives being fired by the infected Wargar below.

Keep it steady and you will have less trouble in dealing with them. Head further and climb up the circular area ahead. Both the characters will fall down. Collect the Crystal chests along the way. Continue the way that will finally make you confront the Queen of Darkness.

You will feel the wrath of this giant creature. Head for the brick wall. She will follow. It’s a chase of cat and mouse where if you loose, you become the food for the spider. Crawlers will join in the party. You can’t yet afford to fight with them. Just run for the next wall and move away when this one crumbles too.

When you head for the archway, the creature will give you a break. There are multiple ballista weapons lying nearby. The artillery is the only source to inflict damage to the queen. Since the Queen is stuck, shoot at her and take as much health as you can. Make every shot count.

Once enough damage has been done. You will notice the critical point on the Queen’s body. You will have a few seconds to aim for it. If you aim it in time, it will shatter the Queen into pieces. Where is Seraphine? You will find that her physical body along with the other prisoners has been taken outside of the Dungeons. So your chase is not over yet.

Chapter 3

Your chase now is headed to the woods of Govad. You will get near to the prisoners but miscellaneous factors will try to hinder your objective.

You will catch sight of Wargar and the prisoners just after you leave the Dungeons. But things aren’t that simple. You will be heavily opposed by the enemy forces till you loose the Caravan. Break open the racks for any gear upgrades. Half way through the bridge, you will encounter first Wargar resistance.

Attack them to save the helpless prisoner. Before you cross the next bridge, shoot the enemies on the other side of the bridge. Cross the bridge. There will be another Wargar hidden in the green to your left after you cross the bridge. Move through the grounded tree for next area.

There is an upgrade portal and an Obelisk after the tree. Upgrade and keep on moving ahead. While you are near the stone wall, Archers will fire at you. Take cover along the wall and do not move down just yet or you most probably will be overwhelmed by the enemy.

Shoot as many as you can, then move down to melee the rest. You will find a pile of gold in the grass to your right.

You will confront another Wargar wave ahead. Caddoc should charge through while E’lara stays behind to provide the covering fire. Infected Wargar will follow the wave. It will teleport so you can’t duck behind any particular cover. Use the Dragon’s Breath or other heavy attacks you have to deal with it. There will be another group of Wargar ahead swarming the courtyard and it’s surrounding.

Take cover behind the log and aim for the explosive to reduce the enemy forces. They will head in your direction. You have multiple spots to shift your cover. Keep on moving till you have dealt with most of them. Beware of the Archers on the wall as they can be more annoying.

As you exit through the door, the guard will tell you about the catapult ahead. If you want to collect crystal chest and some gold, cut through the grass to the left side of the door. You will find explosives up there which you need to shoot. The bridge will be lowered. Cross it to reach the crystal chest and gold.

On the other side of the door, waves of Wargars will attack you. Deal with them and then circle around the wall to reach the next area. Blascasters will also join the party. Beat them up with full force before they come close to the door that can lead to the ruined walls.

The maize like area ahead has canisters and arrows you should collect to replenish your ammo. There will also be a couple of enemies but they won’t be any trouble for you by now.

Catapult will now start firing at you. This time it’s better that instead of engaging with the enemy you use the flee strategy. Otherwise it may become difficult for you to deal with the Wargars while you also dodge the catapult attacks.

Get rid of the archer holding the Catapult and get control of it. It’s to time to smack some cookies. Clear the courtyard and a cutscene will follow. If Wargars somehow are able to reach the ramp, you might have to disengage and deal with them first.

Clear the path to the fortress. Jump off the ledge and the soldiers will inform you about their leader who can give you info about Mayor’s daughter.

You are in a terrain where you will find some glowing flowers. Use the portal or Switching stone if you feel like to. After you are outside the mountain pass, you will find an area guarded by the archers and scorchers. E’lara can take cover behind the tree as Caddoc head further to engage them physically.

You will have to use his shield to block any Scorchers’ attack. More varaints will approach you from the side so be ready for them. A Zealot will appear to stop you from moving on. You can use the magic attacks to get rid of him.

You will spot a Wargar Archer before the bridge. Konck him out from distance before you proceeding further. The path beside the waterfall will lead you to treasure and crystal chest.

Keep on moving and you will face more enemies include Warriors, Archers, the Infected Wargar and Caddoc’s least favorite, crawlers. This fight can prove rather difficult if you don’t maintain a balance between close range combat and long range shooting. Luckily, you can use the stumps there as your cover.

You can use your magical powers if you find it difficult to fend off enemies from your side. A path in between the stream leads to some treasure. Jump off the ledge and head inside that dark cage. Free Peredur’s wife and you will be attacked by the Wargars. Stay in cover as you deal with them.

You will observe Sleg above in front of the cave. A toough battle awairs ahead. If you get too much damage, retreat and examine the area to replenish your resources and enter the battlefield again. You may have to try it a couple of times to get through. Actually, it’s a temptation that you use the Sleg.

You know already that if you use it, you will be gain strength but at the cost of the path of virtue. Move through the gate and fill up your resources as you will soon face another large group enemies. Before the Wargar encampment, I will recommend that you use the stealth mode and shoot at enemies from the left embankment.

Shoot the Scorcher first then shift your attention towards the Infected Wargar. Reinforcement will arrive from the cave side. Get rid of them and then enter into the same cave.

Deal with the Aracklings and smash the wooden door ahead to reveal the path further. Keep on moving and break open another door to reach Peredur. He will tell you that prisoners have been take to the temple ruins. You will face further resistance up ahead. Use cover inside the cave.

Get rid of most of them before getting out in the open. Once your path to the bridge is clear, you can collect a crystal chest and gold on the other side. You will also find a portal and Obelisk so that you can change if you feel like to.

Lost Temple
For the side quest, you now need to solve a puzzle. Cut through the tall grass on your right side to reveal a corpse which can give you hints about the puzzle. You will also find fire along the body which you can use later.

If you cut the long grass to your left, you will find some gold. Move through the thick grass close to the campsite pit and you will reach a clearing where you will see a path leading to the upper side of mountain. Stand on the pressure plates to open the door.

Inside the temple collect the useful items but be cautious of the poisonous dart trap. Talk to the statue and he will tell you the riddle.

For the black feather, head back to the campsite (where you also found the corpse). Cut through the other tall grass and shoot the crow you spot on the tree to get It’s feather. Head back to the campsite and now cut the grass to move down to the river.

Look for the purple flower on a patch with tall grass. Head back to the campsite and into the tree area. Cut the grass to reveal a cave where you will find the third component. Take all components to the fire near the corpse. Burn them and a green flame will reveal.

Light E’lara’s arrow with the flame and move to the temple. Take care of the Wargar that interrupts your path with magic. Shoot the arrow at the statue to reveal the treasure vault. Collect the items and head through the door to he next area.

Jump off the cliff and head straight into the encampment. Don’t forget to gather the 6th Dragon’s tear. While dealing with the enemy in the encampment, you need to keep a couple of things in mind.

One is that you should not let Wargars get close to the horns as they use them to call reinforcements and second that you should free the prisoners first or they will execute them if you are late to spot them.

Repeat the strategy in each camp as you battle your way through apparently endless Wargar army. The 5th Encampment is the longest and you will have 4 prisoners to free.

To deal with horn, you will have to use Caddoc’s physical strength getting close to the enemies. You try threatening the foes that approach the prisoners to keep maximum number of prisoners alive.

Move further and you will reach the outskirts of the temple. Before the archway (uphill), make sure you replenish your health and ammo before you proceed ahead. Next, you will find that the temple is guarded by the catapults.

In the courtyard, you will encounter some Wargars. The reinforcements will be hit by the stones of the wall brought down by the catapult. Deal with the remnants and move through the hole.

Keep on moving or you will be destroyed be the fireballs of the Catapult. Kill the guard and get hold of the first artillery. You know what to do next. Target the Wargar forces emerging from any side. You need to be accurate as it takes some time to reload.

Disengage from the catapult and deal with the approaching Zealots. Once you are done with them and head next into a large chamber.

Temple Puzzle
There is only water inside the chamber and no enemies. So feel free to roam around and also use the portal and Obelisk if you feel to do so. Now it’s time to solve some puzzles. First, you need to get to the higher level.

You need to remove the rocky stones from the chain to raise the platform. In the corner you will find some explosives. Shoot them to destroy the stones. Move to the other side to pull the lever. Now you need to move through another board.

Both the partners should move alongside (at both ends slowly). Wargars will add trouble. Shoot them before you can proceed further. Head to the stone walkway on the upper level.

Before exiting the first part of the temple, you can collect a Dragon tear. You will have to collect 4 black crow feathers to get it (refer to our Dragon tear location guide).

Climb the stairs and exit the area. In the red corridor now, deal with the Archers and the crawlers. You can use columns as cover. In the next hallways look for some canisters and weapon racks.

In the main temple, you will face a different enemy this time (Minotaur Juggernauts) along with some other Wargars. This beast loves to engage in melee battle and is quite lethal. So keep a safe distance from it. Arcane magic bursts are quite effective against it.

Four successful hits will be sufficient to take the beast down.
After dealing with the Minotaur, use the portal for any changes or upgrades. Seraphine will warn you about more distress ahead. More foes to deal with.

Avoid Minotaur as much as you can. Move to the upper platforms when they are below and come down when they follow you up. Deal with crawlers and other enemies before turning your attention towards Minotaur. Explore the area for any useful items and move through the opened door now.

There is also a portal and Obelisk in the next corridor. As you move on, the floor will start to fall away. You need to move back and forth to stay put. Scorchers firing at you will test your skills. Before you leave for the next corridor, make sure you replenish your ammo and health as you will need it in the near future.

Temple Slope
Outside, Juggernauts will arrive to entertain you. Get hold of the catapult and fire at them. Both the catapults will help in keeping the Minotaurs away from you. Also keep an eye on the flanking area for enemy reinforcements.

Once you are done with them, head through the door (down the hill) to the next area. Keep on moving (you will find some corpses along the path) the path till you reach a small hill with a ruined tower. A tough combat waits ahead.

Collect anything useful in the area so that you are well prepared for the encounter. In the tower, you will be forced into a courtyard where you will also find silver Sleg. Choice is yours again. While the battle is on, points will indicate the direction of upcoming waves of enemies.

Again, the fight will be tough and you will be tempted to drink the Sleg but by now you will have sufficient strength to resist. Otherwise use the Sleg and join the dark side.

This might be the toughest of battles so far. You need to keep in mind every move you have (including the magic tricks) and chain them against the massive strength of the enemy. Minotaurs should be your primary targets. Use E’lara’s Arcane Burst on them.

Use vials when needed and if you can’t take much, as a final resort, you can head back to the tower. The Infected Wargars will teleport there giving you less time to breath. More enemies will enter the battle arena later on with crawlers this time. You can also look around for health and stamina boost. Don’t miss any as you are going to need them for sure.

Watery Depths
After the tough battle move to the next area. You can either step onto the docks to close the chapter or do some side quests. To get into the watery area, move through the door (shuttered) in the ruins. Keep on moving till you find a skeleton. Further ahead, you will get three paths in front of you.

The left path is blocked for now. The middle one will lead to a dead body. The right leads to a puzzle in the crypt. The key mentioned in the puzzle can be found behind the moveable wall. Make Caddoc push the wall till the chest with the key is revealed.

Head back to the intersection and use the opposite path that will lead to a locked iron gate. After the gate, you will find a fountain and some wet logs which you need to light. To turn off the water, move left to find a crankshaft that will switch off the water.

As you light the logs (you can burn the arrow using the brazier nearby), the statue will murmur another puzzle. A door will be opened. One member should stand on the pressure plate that will make a surface leading to the back chamber.

You can use the lever to make a way for your partner. Skeletons will try to stop you but they are too weak now to stop you. Move the crank now so that all the water is released from the dungeon. Move down using the stairs (which were flooded before).

As you move down deep into the dungeon, you will be attacked by an enemy. Once you are at the bottom, move through the crack in the wall to gather some treasure. After that a giant spider will attack you. You don’t need to fight it rather escape by pressing the on screen buttons. You have a new direction to follow.

The front area of the docks reads another puzzle for you. Move around the statue to stand on a pressure plate which will make a fire for you through which E’lara can ignite her arrow.

Now you need to ignite the heads of 5 statues in a specific order or they will continuously loose fire. The first one is on the right side of the watery entrance. The second one should be on the ledge on the opposite side.

The third one is to the right side of the portal. The 4th head is to the left of the portal while the final head that needs to be ignited in order is to the left side of the watery entrance.

Boss Battle
She is a Witch quite fast in teleporting. So it is affirmative that you can’t stay at one point. Circle around the courtyard to dodge her attacks. She will shoot some of her minions which you need to deal with earlier or you will face heavy resistance.

She is quite dangerous in melee attacks so you should try to keep a safe distance or she will tear you a part. Fire magic is highly effective against her.

You can also use Caddoc’s charge attack (time it right or you will be in trouble) against her. Once she is down, E’lara will use the Deathstone to have information on her past which will also reveal your next primary destination.

Chapter 4

The city of Llyr is full of threats and surprises. So get ready for a new ambition for the same objective that is to find the physical form of the Mayor’s daughter.

The Landing
From the dock, move on till you catch site of some dragons. You are not going to face them for now. Use the stairs and look for the Obelisk to your left side. As you enter the courtyard, destroy the boards on the wall to your left to reveal two passages.

One of them (left) leads to a Crystal chest while the other one will give you a puzzle to solve. You need to light three braziers and three columns to push. Move to the courtyard towards your right and step on the two pressure plates that will ignite the brazier that can be used to light your arrows.

E’lara now should ignite the three braziers in a triangle. Caddoc then can align the columns accordingly. A hole will open leading to the dungeons below. Follow the path under the waterfall which will lead you to a brazier.

Light the arrow and shoot to ignite the other brazier at the center of the island that will raise a pathway. Move along the pathway and once near brazier you just ignited, light another arrow and shoot it at the brazier on the far side which will reveal another path.

Keep on moving till you find yourself blocked. Here, you need to ignite another brazier on the column near the vault. This will raise another passage connecting the Island with the treasure vault. Look out for the skeleton attack as the leader their won’t give you an easy time.

Make sure that you are maintaining a safe distance. You will gather a yellow key now. Well, if you have completed all the side quests, you will have three keys with you by now. You can use these key in the 6th chapter to open a treasure vault.

The statue with flaming eyes will make way for you and you will find enchanted weapon racks and gold treasure chest. Move out through the door. Wargar Archers are there to deal with in the next area.

Once you are done with them, move through the door that is beside the portal to move deeper into the city. King’s guard will explain the situation and now you need to head for Scarlet Maid Tavern.

After the next door. You will confront a new form of enemy (Eye of Annuvin) along with some Archers and Soldiers. The name indicates it’s nature of attacks. If it is left unnoticed, it will blind for a few seconds after regular intervals of time.

When your screen goes white, you become easy targets for the enemies. The best way to deal with it is that E’lara’s arrow should hit it’s pupil or Caddoc can charge and target it’s eye. Wind of Wrath and Pyre blast magics don’t have any effect on it.

Scorchers firing from the walls above will make things difficult for Caddoc. One way to deal with them is to take cover till they jump down the wall and then you can deal with them. Otherwise you can only rely of E’lara’s shooting.

Next wave of enemies comprise of Wargar Guardians and Wargar Archers. Scorchers will also provide the covering fire from the ledge. The situation is not new for you. Caddoc deals with the ground units while E’lara should focus on the Scorchers. Don’t hesitate to use magic like Pyre Blast against the Scorchers.

Things aren’t over yet as more Scorchers will line the wall and a Juggernaut will also appear on the scene. If you want to survive, you will have to spot the marksmen on the wall quickly. Of course, Juggernaut will not stay quiet and make things difficult for you. You also need to keep an eye on it.

Remove the Scorchers first quickly and then both should focus on the Juggernaut after that. In the broken building around the next wall, you will find a puzzle to solve.You need to find some bones.

The pelvic part is close and you can find it in the corner near the burning wood. The two thigh bones can be found near the fireplace and the broken cart there. The ribcage can also be found near the fireplace. Take the bones back to the spirit and burn the bones. Now you need to take the flame to spirit’s love.

Dip the arrow in the green fire and head to the other side of the wall. There is a secret passage that will lead you there. Look on the stairs above the fireplace and shoot through the grate above the second fireplace.

After collecting the rewards inside and finishing the job, there is other spirit who tells you about the treasure and the black heart. You need to find the specific black heart. Exit the building and turn left. You will be able to spot a small shack close to the fire.

Jump onto the ledge in front of it. Caddoc can push the black heart wall to reveal a chamber where lies the Dragon Tear. Head back to the stairs above the fire and move through the cracks on the wall. Next room will be crawling with Wargar forces. Stick to the basics and they won’t harm you.

Climb up the stairs (third story of the building) and after moving around the holes you can reach the opposite side of the wall. Move down to the cellar below where you will find a different form of Arackling Crawlers (Shadow Crawlers).

They are tougher than their neighbors but you can deal with them with the same strategy that is by shielding their attacks and then destroy them using the melee attacks.

After the explosion, move out of the cellar to the street where a wave of tough enemies will interrupt your path. You need to quick here to take out Eye of Annuvin. The Infected Warriors will teleport as they do so you should stay on the move.

Predict the pattern and then try nailing them. Yes, it is not over yet. A more tougher enemy (Harridan) join in the party. You have fought the creature before. Keep two things in mind, one is the fast mobility and destruction of her seeds as soon as possible.

Arches Of Fire
Leave through the door and then after moving through a couple of buildings, you will see Minotaurs fighting with the Warriors. They will soon head towards your direction so you will have deal with them. You can deal with the Minotaur later if you are quick enough to kill the Warriors first.

Catapult will guide you to a new area then jump over the gap to reach the next structure. Wargar Guardians and Wargar Soldiers now will attack followed by a Minotaur after some time. Deal with the Soldiers and Guardians first before the Juggernaut arrives.

An easy battle in the street. When the Ogre is done scaring you, Warriors enter the scene through the opening. Go right and get around the wood to reach outside.

The Scarlet Maid Tavern
You will come to know that the King has been taken to a secured basement. You need to get to the top of the tavern and then pass the water pipe to reach the King.

Inside the building (ground floor) you will face an Infected Wargar followed by the Minotaur. With the limited space you might it difficult to deal with them. Only option you have is to keep rolling to avoid the majority of the attacks.

The dead body will tell you about the Scarlet pots and the treasure. You need to break all three of them. One of them is on the shelf near the corpse. Look under the stairs leading above for the second pot. You can find the third one in the hole inside the wall.

You need to look for the Scarlet lady now and shoot a burning arrow at her. You can light the arrow from the fireplace. Inside are enchanted weapons racks and a Dragon Tear for you.

Another glimpse of the giant Ogre. You won’t still confront it yet. Deal with the Wargar on the ground though. After you move through the door, Wargar Archers, Guardian and Soldiers will attack. You can use the cover against the walls.

On the second floor there is nothing special except for the Catapult destroying the building with Archers inside. Use the stairs now to reach the third floor. A Wargar Zealot will welcome you at this floor. You remember the tactic against it right? Hit it while it quivers on the floor after it’s heavy attack.

Move back to the second floor from the debris. Enter the room ( a Wargar Soldier needs to be killed before that) and then move through the corridor to the water pipe. Catapult attacks will start destroying everything and it’s time you make a run for safety to the far side.

The King’s Tale
You finally see the King in the basement. But before you can reach him, you will have to fend off enemy resistance. Deal with the weaker foes first before focusing on the stronger ones. As you climb down the stairs to the basement, you need to solve another puzzle. The King will explain about the creature Annuvin) behind all the destruction in the city

You finally get the body you have been seeking for a long time now. It’s not exactly the same thing you were searching for and apparently you were told a lie. Anyways, before you decide to end your campaign, Geselle will ask you to rescue other human prisoners.

So it’s not over yet. Use the passage to move up. You will find a soldier statue and a pushable wall to your right. You will find a secret room with some gold inside. Head back to the pier and then move towards the alley and to the street then.

Wargars at your service. You need to be careful as they will try to surround you. to avoid the situation, you need to keep changing your position. Now you need to grab the weapon. Here you should run dodging any enemies along the way.

If you can’t make it, use your magic power to avert enemy attention. Remove the guards holding the weapon and take control of it. You have the power now. Just shoot at enemies like a machine gun to annihilate your foes in seconds.

The Library (Boss Fight)
After using the portal and the Obelisk, move to the library courtyard to face Archghoul. He has the ability to call in skeletons which will approach you aggressively. If you don’t deal with them quickly your main foe will have enough time to take you out.

Make sure that you always keep out of the red radius it builds around it. You can take down the shield by destroying the corpses. You don’t need to shoot at it (Dragon’s Breath is an effective move) rather wait till you have taken down the shield by destroying more corpses.

Keep it steady and you will ultimately be able to take the creature down. Your next destination will be Kala Moor where you chase Annuvin.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

E’lara and Caddoc continue their quest to find the rest of the prisoners taken from different villages by the dark lord Annuvin.

At the start, you will find a portal and an Obelisk. Upgrade/change if you feel the need. Move through the archway. You will face first wave of enemy now. Almost all sort of enemies you have been facing so far will come in succession. Caddoc should act physically while E’lara picks up enemies from distance, the best strategy throughout for most of the situations in the game.

At fallen tree bridge more enemies will try to ambush you. Use the hill cover to shoot the enemies. Warriors will get close to you which can be taken care of by Caddoc.

You can use the arrow gun to thin down enemies on the other side of the bridge. It’s like picking up ducks from distance. If you keep it steady, none of them will be able to reach you. After the massacre, you are free to collect resources. Through the woods, after finding another dead body, next battle is eminent.

There is Sleg source too which means that you are up for a real tough battle. If you somehow can’t defeat the enemies, Sleg is there to be taken but don’t forget that it will have impact on the ending.

You will feel like as if you are in an ancient world war where you are being attacked from every side with little or no cover on a mere wasteland. Don’t hesitate to use the magic tricks you have before you are overrun by the enemies.

With some luck and focus (you might have to try a couple of times) you can win the battle. You might be surprised as an Archghoul will enter the battle later on which will make you feel that you are heading near the end.

You need to fight though, that’s the only option you have if you don’t want to use the Sleg. You have learnt different strategies over the past few chapters. You will have to implement them or chain them to survive.

Collect any resources you find at the start and then move till your reach the main section. You will find enemies patrolling on the platforms that circles the central point. They will draw their attention towards you as they spot you.

Scorchers will shoot arrows while Guardians approach you directly. Shoot the Scorchers till the Warriors get to your position. It’s better that you stay at the entrance for cover and shoot at the enemies. If you advance too much, Blastcasters will make you pay.

From Catwalk to the other end, move slowly considering the enemy attack from multiple angles. Form the stairs to another catwalk, you will find some mine work going at the far side. Shoot the explosives to destroy everything.

You can move to the right side for the collectibles while the exit is to the left side. At the top of the Quarry awaits a Harridan that is ready to perish you. Archers will make it difficult, You need to pick them first and then focus at the Witch. Zealots will attack soon.

If you haven’t consume your magic yet, use it now to bring down the creatures. You will see the Ogre yet again. No fight with the flying beast yet but you do have your fellow Wargars to take care of (clearings). In the first part, the ballista will start shooting at you. You need to be quick here.

Shoot he Eyes Annuvin so that they may not blind you. Quickly head towards the underside of the bridge where ballista can’t hit you. For the second portion, you need to run again.

If you keep your sprint against the cliff, there will less chances of being hit. Look for a broken crate that will lead you into the fortress without any more fuss.

After the Upgrade portal and the Obelisk, a sideway leads you to a the main area where Shadow Crawlers will be itching to pounce on you. Deal with the crawlers while both the characters cover each others back (in co-op fight like these are rather easy).

Leave through the exit and the next room is full of skeletons and crawlers. As you move on, more crawlers will try to ambush you in the corridor.

You can shoot the explosive crate to reveal some collectibles. Leave the area through the door. You will reach a dead end where you need to make your way through the grate. Fire the explosives you can see through the grates to make a passage for you.

This will also kill the Wargar up there. Move ahead through the crack in the wall. The construction area will be swarming with Wargar forces. Use the stones for cover. E’lara should stay behind while Wargar pushes forward to take the enemy in melee battle.

Another variant (Juggernaut Elite) will make an appearance. They are quite similar to that of Minotaurs except for the point that is they are heavily armored. At the ledge above the construction site, some Zealots will interrupt your path.

Deal with Elites in the next part and then head to the top of the construction site. Long range enemies will attack (Archers and Scorchers). Show them your shooting skills while Caddoc sneaks close to them.

Next up are some Warriors, Scorchers and the Guardian. To reach the Scorchers, you will have to circle around the catwalk. Guardian will interrupt your path. Don’t leave the cover and let it come to you. Deal with the Scorchers after that.

Behind the broken platform, look for a bony wall. There is a secret chamber behind it containing a Dragon Tear. You can shoot the logs above to destroy the wall.

You will be targeted by the Blastcasters from distance. You might have to take care of the Guardians first before you can deal with the Blastcasters.

As you can see that the bridge up their is crashed. You need to find another path. Move under the stony structure and face a few enemies. Make full use of the height advantage to take out the enemies below. Watch out for the enemy back fire.

For Minotaurs, you may have to get close to them and use some magic blows. As you move on, Archers will target you from ravine’s far side. You will have to shoot them from distance as there is not path to get close to them.

As you move down further, you will spot a bridge you need to cross. Gather any resources you find along the path. At the bottom level, you need to hide behind pillars and shoot from there. You expose yourself too much, you are good as dead.

The long corridor will successively be filled with enemy reinforcements of various types. It’s a long battle so be cautious and smooth all the way to the end.

As you step on the pressure plate to open the door, enemy reinforcements will arrive. Leave the plate for the time being and deal with them then you can peacefully open the door and proceed further.

Gate Entrance
After you enter the gate, search the area for any useful items. On the stairs, Zealots and Guardians will engage you. More will interfere at the end of the stairs. You need to get rid of them soon or they will make you pay. You can head for the stone blocks to take cover for a while.

The explosive arrows of Blastcasters will inflict some damage. Don’t waste time and get rod of them. You also have an option keep E’lara back as distraction while Caddoc charges forward but this is a more risky approach.

You can cross the bride now and then move through the door. Take the stairs from the chamber to the second floor.

As you step through the door at the second floor, you will be forced to take cover due to enemy fire. They will try to clutter in the courtyard. You can stop them by getting rid of the first wave fast enough so that you can turn your attention before they can move to position.

You can always use the magic tricks possessed by both the characters in the time of need. Climb up the stairs and enter the next area. Blascasters and Scorchers will aim at you from distance.

Use E’lara to draw their attention while Caddoc can quickly approach them to knock out as many as possible before the Guardians come to protect eh long rangers. Caddoc’s Wind of Wrath can prove useful here.

In the next area, you need to take the arrow gun from enemy control. Dash towards it before you are knocked out by it. Once in control, you can use the weapon as killing spree against the enemies. Before you leave this section, make sure you collect another Dragon tear.

Look for an open section in the wall that will lead you to a wooden platform. You can collect the gold and then the Dragon tear. Over the ledge, you will find open targets below which will provide you some shooting practice. Once they have been reduced to minimum, get down to the floor through the hole.

Exit through the door and then sneak into the tower. Harridan will show up. You know the strategy. Keep on moving and don’t let her seeds flourish. Look for the opportunity and then strike. You will get rid of her in short time.

More foes will follow the witch. Stay at far side of the tower to have clear shots and reduce them before they can reach you. Head to the courtyard where you shot some enemies form above before and remove the rest of the enemies.

In the sewers, things may seem quite at start, but an Archghoul will soon accompany small Shadow crawlers. Deal with the crawlers first while dodging Archghoul’s early attacks.

He doesn’t have a shield to block which will make things slightly easier for you. Keep your distance and attack with everything you have to take the beast down. You will find a Sleg source in the next corridor. That might scare you but again, you need to fight hard as you enter a pretty tiring battle.

Use E’lara’s Pyre Blast and Caddoc’c charge attacks to deal with them effectively. To replenish your tanks, look for any health or mana Vials. Even after you have dealt with all the enemies, as you step on the pressure plate to open the door, more will arrive. So make sure that you are ready for it and have gathered sufficient resources for them.

Boss Battle
It’s a blind dragon you finally get to face. Ballista is the only hope to take down the giant dragon. Be defensive at first and when you find the opening use the artillery to fire at the dragon. You won’t be able to fire more than one shot or you will be punished for being hasty.

Back to the defensive mode till you find another opening. You will be able to predict the onset of the lightening attack by looking around dragon’s mouth.

Skeletons won’t allow you any breathing space. Although they are miniatures but you can’t ignore them. Make sure that you deal with them successively. You can restore your stamina and health by using the resources you can find in the balcony area.

A couple of hits and the dragon will fly into the air and get back onto another perch. You need to man the next ballista and start shooting. Repeat the procedure for the second perch pushing the dragon to the final perch.

More dreadful creatures will replace the skeletons now indicating that you are close to ending the fight. Shoot the final blow once it is in the air (after the third perch)to make the dragon rest in peace. You will enter the pit for your final destination.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough

It’s the last push for the road to hell. Your ultimate foe is ready to show it’s wrath. All your experience you have gained in the previous chapters is going to be examined here.

Kala Moor Entrance
Crush the dragon and head into the pits. There is also a portal and Obelisk stone nearby. Dragon will assault you at the bridge. Take cover as Wargar follow the assault. Dragon won’t disturb you anymore and leave so you are left with Wargars.

While you fight off Guardians and the Juggernauts, stay close to near side of the bridge so that minimum enemies are drawn towards you. Juggernaut should be your priority. Deal with the Warriors ahead and proceed down the hill.

Zealots and Guardians will approach you while Scorchers shoot at you from distance. You need to become a rolling stone and keep rolling to minimize the damage caused by the arrows.

Melee the rest as they get close to you. Move further down and deal with the Scorchers. Leave through the door and at the first intersection, you can move left to cash in three keys (Three Brothers Treasure vault)you have gathered throughout. The right path has enemies.

You need to get rid of the Warriors and Juggernaut first and then you can focus on the Scorchers. In the next section, E’lara should get to the higher platform to provide support. This will advantageous as she will be able to eliminate multiple enemies in no time.

Three Brothers Treasure vault
Now as mentioned before, the left side of the intersection will lead you to a treasure and where you can utilize the three keys you have (if you have been completing the side quests. Keys are essential). Give the keys to the statue and you will have access to the treasure vault. You need to solve one more puzzle before you can access the vault.

Elevator pens
The Sleg Elevator will bring you to another area. In the second area (after the portal and the Obelisk) you will face enemies in the form Warriors and Juggernaut Elites. Dodge the attacks first and then counter attack them to make your way forward. The Infected warrior will come in and teleport back.

You should not follow it and wait for it to be killed. If you follow the creature, you will be ambushed by multiple enemies. At the bridge, you will find Zealots and Infected Wargar. You don’t have any cover to hide so the bese way is to charge to them while E’lara provides the covering fire.

As you move along the bridge, more enemies will appear and try to stop your path. You need to stay active and keep shooting at them before they can cause you any harm. After the bridge you will have a chance to get yourself together, Head through the same slope from where the Elites appeared earlier. Outside, the path will be dissected.

You need to move (other path has some gold) to the left side to face some more Zealots and Scorchers. They will be followed by more Wargars and the Eye of Annuvin. Remember that you can’t give the last creature much time or it will make you blind making it impossible for you to fight.

Things won’t go easy on you so make sure that you collect anything useful like health, stamina etc. You will find a Sleg container guarded by Annuvin Eye. Archghoul will join in the party later. You should chain your magic attacks for different foes like for Archghoul, you can Demon’s Breath and for the Wargars, Wind of Wrath is effective.

Archghoul should be left for the last as it is the most resistive creature. Lookout for the Scorcher on the sniping spot that is continuously shooting at you. You need to spot it before it is too late.

After dealing with tough enemy wave, you need to find the 13th (Final) Dragon Tear. Look for the gap in the rock wall. You will find a dragon skull on the wall of inner chamber. There will be a brazier along the skull, Light he brazier by firing an igniting arrow at it. Caddoc now can push a wall near the entrance that will reveal a secret chamber. There will gold inside along with the Dragon Tear.

Use the Sleg elevator again to reach another Pen where a Harridan waits for you. She will also summit Soldiers to aid her. You need to be fast if you want to keep your chance of survival alive. Take your opportunities in between to inflict damage till the witch is down.

The bridge is guarded. You need to stay back and wait for the melee forces to come to you. After you have dealt with them, move slowly along the bridge and use your ranged attacks against the Scorchers.

At the back section of the bridge, Zealots are aligned but with the effective attacks you have now, they won’t stand a chance in front of you. Beware of the bind dragon’s lightening attacks from the sky. When the path splits, the left side continues down the slope.

Further ahead, you will find another Sleg source which marks heavy enemy resistance. It’s not the first time for you.

You should be mentally prepared for that. Scorchers and Elites should be your primary targets. You cannot afford to stay at one point for long. Use heavy attacks to reduce the abundance as enemy waves will appear successively.

After the assault, loot the dead bodies. Further ahead, you need to clear another bridge. Distant enemies shooting at you should be your primary targets. You can deal with the Soldiers at the end. Cross the bridge and then move deeper into the dungeons.

In the chamber, collect the Chests and listen to the story of the dead body lying there. After dealing with the enemies in the second chamber, head to the temple containing a lot of Sleg.

You have one heck of a battle waiting for you ahead so it’s better that gather some resources. It will start off with the weaker enemies as they spot you. Then there will be entrance of Archghoul making life tough for you.

Deal with the skeletons first so that it has nothing to replenish it’s shield. Once the shield is down, you can use your attacks at the creature. Exit the temple towards your final destiny.

The Forge (Boss Battle)
Two Dragons will be there to scare you. A miracle can save you and that is in the form of Deathstone. Once the dragons bow to it’s power, proceed further towards the end of your long quest.

Annuvin is your foe now and this big monster is not easy to take down. You need to dodge his attacks. Caddoc can deal with the skeletons he summons while E’lara tries to target the whole in his chest.

Annuvin will keep on regenerating his health using the Sleg. So you need to cut off the supply from the columns. Caddoc can approach these columns and push them down. There are 4 of these, so you need to down all of these to cut off the supply.

If you run low on health and other resources, you can replenish them up from the cavern. Skeletons will keep on increasing in number with the passage of time so you will have to cut off the supply quickly before you are overrun by these bony creatures. Use every trick you have to take your ultimate foe down.

Once he is down, Deathstone will reveal that Seraphine wanted a host for the Sleg and you were tricked by her. There will be multiple endings depending upon the fact that whether you have been drinking the Sleg or not. If you didn’t use Sleg’s power, both E’lara and Caddoc will survive and Seraphine will have to pay after you destroy the deathstone.

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