Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Prisoners Locations Guide

You can find several prisoners tied by the ropes hanging or in the cells while playing through Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. You can find and free these prisoners and they will tell you valuable information about the enemy. Not only that, finding all earns you an achievement so read on for our Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Prisoner Locations guide.

Hunted: The Demons Forge Prisoner Locations

Town of Dyfed

Prisoner #1
Location. Soon after you move into the alley and come in close combat with Wargars, you will notice a prisoner with a pile of gold at his feet. You can break his ropes for valuable information.

Prisoner #2
Location. When you encounter a gate at the street’s end that requires two heroes to open it. You will see one of Seraphine’s magic portals on the gate’s far side. Look for the purple glow of obelisk just beyond the portal. There is a prisoner to the left of Obelisk.


Prisoner #3
Location. Just as you enter the new, you will find the prisoner hanging to the right. Free him!

Prisoner #4
Location. Use the spirit guide to locate the second gate in the new area. You will notice a long house, there is secret area behind this long house. Remember we are through the second date into the new area in Smithy.

When you pass the longhouse, you will notice, a prisoner and a gold pile beyond a gap in the boards. Go up the half walls behind the longhouse to free the prisoner and collect the gold.

Keep Entrance

Prisoner #5
Location. After defeating the armored brutes, look in the barn off to the left. You will find a prisoner tied to the rafters.

Well of Sorrows Prisoners

Prisoner #6
Location. As you spot a red glow burning through the hole in the wall, you will also spot a prisoner on the far side.


Prisoner #7-8
Location. After dealing with enemies guarding the prison, as you pull the lever, you will find two prisoners on the opposite wall.

Prisoner #9-10
Location. While you are about to collect the Dragon tear form the first floor, you can free two prisoners tied on the first floor.


Prisoner #11
Location. After dealing with the giant spider and Aracklings after that, move under the timbers to the other side to free the prisoner.

Ballista City

Prisoner #12
Location. As you jump off the bridge, you will be called by a prisoner. You will find the prisoner in front of the stone pillar.


Prisoner #13
Location. After you have crossed half the bridge, stop the Wargar from dropping the second prisoner.

Prisoner #14
Location. After visiting the Obelisk and the portal after the fallen tree, you will run into a prisoner.


Prisoner #15
Location. After your fight with a group of enemies in the stump area, a path runs down from the stream to a secret area. First collect the gold and then at the second ledge, you will spot a cave where you can find a prisoner.

Prisoner #16
Location. In the cave, smash the two wooden doors that come successively. You will find a prisoner after the second door.

Encampment Prisoners

Prisoner #17-20
Location. In the encampment area, there are 4 prisoners to free, one in each encampment. You can find the prisoners with the alarm but you will have to save them before the enemy kills them.

Prisoner #21-22
Location. From the path encampment, the path leads to a wider area where you will find 2 prisoners. One can be freed by shooting from distance (near the entrance) while for the second one you need to move across the area.

Prisoner #23-27
Location. These prisoners can be found in the 5th encampment. Try to save maximum of them. Saving them all is rather difficult.

Black Hearts and Red Blood

Prisoner #28
Location. After dealing with the Harridan, there is a prisoner in the building next to the exit door. So make sure that you free it before you leave.

The Scarlet Made Tavern

Prisoner #29
Location. After defeating the alone Wargar Soldier when you enter the central room, you can find a prisoner in the hole on the floor.

The King’s Tale

Prisoner #30
Location. Before entering the basement’s entrance, free a prisoner in the building on the left side of it.

Prisoner #31
Location. Before exiting the gate behind the arrow gun, you can free a prisoner on the opposite side of the street.

Construction Level (Bottom)

Prisoner #32
Location. After you cause an explosion to climb up, you will spot a prisoner.

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