Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Gold Guide

Gold in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is important if you want to use it’s powerful level building tool called Crucible.

Using Gold which can be found in the game, you can purchase new abilities and unlock stuff in crucible to create an interactive level to play.

Gold usually can be found in the gold caches and treasure chests. In this guide, I will be only focusing on the big chests or those caches which you can miss.

Chapter 1 – Town of Dyfed

1# Gold
Location. First Pile of Gold can be found with first prisoner you encounter in the alley just after you enter the town.

2# Gold
Location. Just when you are blow the explosive pots to kill off Wargars infront of the massive house. You can get Pile of Gold, if you enter the two-story house behind you.

Enter the house, kill the Wargars inside, go to the top floor, and find an excellent firing position to rain down arrows on explosive pots. Gold is lying on the desk upstairs.

Chapter #1 – Smithy

3# Gold and Treasure Chest
Just when you enter the gate together in the first area and open up the wall leading to the Dragon Tear. Don’t retrieve the Dragon Tear yet. Instead, Use melee weapons to smash the boards beyond the Dragon Tear. Follow the stairs down to the hidden set of ruins.

A Skeleton greets you at the bottom of the stairs. Shatter it’s bones and then drop down to the stone floor. You will find a huge stone face carved onto the wall of this stone area. As you approach, the lips of the statue start to move and riddle something.

Anyway, the trick here is to ignite the dormant eye on the statue. Quickly retreat back to the stairs to fire pit next to the Dragon Tear location and return to the face. Stand on the far side of the face and send a fire arrow in the eye socket. Once both eyes are a flame, the face will open a corridor leading back to Earth.

Come down the stairs, use the torch or fire arrow to illuminate the path. You will find a treasure chest and lots of pile of Gold here.

4# Gold
After you are through the second gate, you will notice a longhouse. Just beyond the boards of the longhouse is a prisoner with gold. Go up the half walls to free up the prisoner and retrieve the gold plus open a treasure chest for more.

Chapter #1 – Dyfed Inn

5# Pile of Gold
Moving away from Balista, just when you are exiting the area, you will notice crockery and weapon racks. Smash them open to see if you get lucky with superior gear.

Stairs there lead to the higher level, shoot out the rope above the sign hanging over the door to the right of the stairs. It will reveal a secret room with some extra gold for you.

More to come soon.

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