Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Dragon Tears Locations Guide

Dragon Tears in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge enables Ela’ara and Caddoc to unlock talents that in turn enhance their statistics making them powerful enough to fend off their foes. There are well hidden throughout the game and are very hard to find. If you want to find all 13 of these Dragon Tears, read our Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Dragon Tears Locations guide.

Hunted: The Demons Forge Dragon Tear Locations

Town Entrance

1# Dragon Tear
Location. First of all, shoot the rope above the building on right and shoot the sign over it. It will open for you’re the first gate. Go through the gate and you will find your Dragon Tear.

Smithy Dragon Tear

2# Dragon Tear
Location. Near the archway leading to the alleyway, there is a hole in the wall which will give you the glimpse of the Dragon Tear. Light the brazier (hangs from the ceiling) when you reach a series of prison cells. Ignite it to reveal the item you are looking for.

Dyfed Inn

3# Dragon Tear
Location. While you are in the courtyard, Fire the brazier (unlit) on the statue to reveal the Dragon Tear inside the wall. There is a secret area to the wall, which is behind the statue. You need to ask Caddoc to push the cart out of the way first, and then you need to ask the E’lara to shoot the unlit arrow to balance the statue’s hand. The secret way will be visible now

Wells of Sorrows

4# Dragon Tear
Location. After fighting with the Aracklings search the area for any useful items. You will find a shard canister. Start looking for a corridor now. The corridor has been sealed and if you smash the covered passage nearby, you will find the Dragon Tear.


5# Dragon Tear
Location. This is on the first floor but you will have to free it from the second floor of the prison area. At the second level, move through the crumbling hole in the wall and step on the pressure plate on the edge of the wall to reveal an opening. You can shoot an arrow through the wall to free the Tear on the other side and then collect it from the first level.


6# Dragon Tear
Location. After defeating the Wargar Warriors, a corpse (near the hole in the wall you created using explosives) will tell you about the secret passage. Walk over the cliffs with the glowing Gargoyle like structures and then look for the explosives. Once you find them, ask E’lara to shoot it, and it will reveal to you the shinies and the Dragon Tear you can collect.

Encampment Dragon Tear

7# Dragon Tear
Location. The path that leads to the encampment will have a Dragon Tear for you. It can be found on a short passage to the left side. Once you get to the temple, head down the path and your Dragon tear will be at your left at the big rock.


8# Dragon Tear
Location. Before leaving the first temple section, use the stairs and move to the archway’s left side. A Deatstone Corpse will hint you about the Tear. You need to collect 4 crow feathers and bring them to the corpse (refer to our walkthrough).

The corpse then will tell you about a push able wall beneath a statue pass the exit stairs. Push the wall to reveal a Dragon Tear.

Black Hearts and Red Blood

9# Dragon Tear
Location. Exit the broken building where the second spirit tells you about the heart (you need to find the specific black heart) and Jump onto the ledge in front of it. Caddoc can push the black heart wall to reveal a chamber where lies a Dragon Tear.

The Scarlet Made Tavern

10# Dragon Tear
Location. After you have broken the three scarlet pots, return to the Scarlet lady tapestry and burn it using an ignited arrow. You can ignite the arrow from the fireplace near the Deathstone corpse. Then return and ignite the Tapestry on fire. Once you do this, you will see the Dragon Tear and get some loot too.

Top Construction Level Dragon Tears

11# Dragon Tear
Location. After a Wargar falls from the platform, you will find a wall embedded with skeleton bones. You need to drop those logs above held by the rope. Shoot the rope and the wall will disperse making an opening for you. Get inside to collect the Tear.

12# Dragon Tear
Location. The place where you used the arrow gun, you will find an opening that will lead you to a platform. If you move on the catwalk a bit and then fall off. Collect the gold available there and then head forward to get your eyes on the Dragon Tear.

Elevator Pens

13# Dragon Tear
Location. After you fight with Archghoul and company, you will find a gap in the rocky wall. Look for the skull there and the brazier beneath it. You need to ignite this brazier. Once it is ignited, Caddoc can push the wall close to the entrance to reveal the Dragon Tear.

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