Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Deathstone Corpse Locations Guide

Entering in new area in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge? worry not. Find these corpses who tell the tale of what’s ahead. Why they died, and what you should do, if you want to avoid meeting the similar fate. Sometime they make sense, while sometime they don’t.

Deathstone Corpse Locations Guide

Find all the speaking dead bodies in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.


1# Deathstone Corpse
Location. You can’t miss it, since it introduces you to how you can interact with dead bodies using deathstone.

Chapter 1 – Town of Dyfed

2# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Check the alley next to the screaming women for a corpse, use the deathstone of the corpse to listen to the spirits warning. He says Wargar warriors attacked and if he had only concentrated on the Shield, he might be still alive. World of Wisdom.

Chapter 1 – Dyfed Inn

3# Deathstone Corpse
Location. When you roll out a cart on fire on the bridge as a distraction against Wargars to reach bridge’s far side. You will notice a hole in the wall, and a set of stairs beyond that. When you are done with your business dealing with Wargars by blasting the explosive pots. You will hear ballista fired in the distance.

Follow the trail along the city walls towards the sound of the artillery. In your way, you will encounter a Deathstone corpse. Get some intel from it using your Deathstone.

Chapter 1 – City Exit

4# Deathstone Corpse
Location. As you walk through the under ground passage, look for a dead body on the floor in the first section of the passage. You will find the corpse of a dead king whose bones will react to the Deathstone.

Chapter 1 – Keep Entrance

5# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Just when you enter the farmhouse from the barn, break open the two canisters lying on the ground floor for vials. Head into the backyard and you will find a deathstone corpse.

Chapter 2 – Well of Sorrows

6# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Continue down the corridor in the Dungeon of Dyfed and you will encounter two talking around. Sneak behind them to finish them off. Just on the next corner, you will see a dead body on the ground. Use your Deathstone to hear what it has to say. It will tell you about a treasure nearby.

7# Deathstone Corpse
Location. When you encounter the Wargars coming from a pair of gates in a circular room, take stairs to the right of the gate immediately after you are done with the enemies. You will find a deathstone corpse in the corner of the first landing. It will tell you something about the Wargar Zealots.

8# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Proceed through the raised portcullis and exit through the next door. Take left from the next intersection and you will hear Arackling crawler feeding on a dead body. Scare it away and use your deathstone on the corpse. This passage leads to a dark alley full of Arackling Crawlers so get ready.

9# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Once you have defeated all the Arackling Crawlers in the dark alley, take left and jump off the ledge just where the light braziers end. Defeat the Aracklings coming from the corners of this room and once you are done, search for a dead body, gold and a dragon tear.

Chapter 2 – Prison

10# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Descend the stone ramp from the corridor (Where you light up all braziers to avoid Cracklings by staying in light) into the spiderwebbed chamber. When you land in the new room, Aracklings will attack you instantly. Once you are done with them, search for a dead body in the side alcove to use your Deathstone on it.

11# Deathstone Corpse
Location. You will notice a dead prisoner on the far cell just when you enter the Prison after dealing with all the enemies.

12# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Just when you are to exit the prison, you will notice three skulls high atop the well lit-wall next to the gargoyles. If you shoot all three skulls a secret passage opens. This passage will lead you to another Deathstone corpse.

Chapter 2 – Crane Room

13# Deathstone Corpse
Location. After you create a passageway by firing an arrow and re-unit both clearing the enemies. Enter the next corridor. You will notice obelisk and magic portal ahead, before you head towards them, check out the boards on the left wall. Smash them open for skull canisters. Few feet down on the right side, you will notice an alcove with a deathstone corpse.

Chapter 2 – Descent

14# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Descend to the stairs on the next platform when you are done with your first encounter with the Scorchers in the new area. On the side passage, defended by Aracklings is a deathstone corpse. You can use your deathstone on it to receive the warning about worse things ahead.

15# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Enter the mountainside door and continue down until the corridor opens into a dark area. Look for the glowing skeleton in the main room, it’s a deathstone corpse, can be easily missed.

16# Deathstone Corpse
Location. After your fight with Guardians and Wariors, look for a gorgoyle overlooking a long drop. If you stand next to the gorgoyle, it will reveal an explosive barrel. Blast it to open a secret area. Reach there by climbing down to the lower area. Fight your way through the warriors at the base of the ruins.

After you have defeated them, stay on the right and look for the hole in the wall you blew open with explosive. There is dead deathstone corpse aka dead body its right.

17# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Enter the secret area you just created and investigate the area on the left inside the secret area. You will notice a dead body lying on the right with an entrance to the next area on the left.

Chapter 2 – Spider Lair

18# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Just when you enter the new area, take the door out to the broken ledge to land next to new obelisk and magic portal. You will find a deathstone corpse near the obelisk.

Chapter 3 – Bridges

19# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Just left to the entrance of the catapult area. You can access this area by cutting through the tall grass to the door’s left. Speak to the body lying there using your deathstone.

Chapter 3 – Descent

20# Deathstone Corpse
Location. On the mountain pass with blue and red flowers across the sides, navigate through the rocks until you pass by the terrified women up on the hill. Look for an alcove on the right and you will notice a dead body.

Chapter 3 – Lost Temple

21# Deathstone Corpse
Location. You can access the hidden areas of the Lost Temple by cutting through the tall grass. Cut through the first tall grass that you see on the right which leads to a campsite with a deathstone corpse inside.

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You will find below all the locations where you can find the deathstone corpses to speak with.

Chapter 3 – Encampment

22# Deathstone Corpse
Location. On your way to the ruins in the outskirts of the Lost Temple, you will notice a dead body up on the hill just before the archway.

Chapter 3 – Temple Puzzles

23# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Before you climb and exit the first temple section, take the stairs to the archway’s left to a small landing housing another deathstone corpse. Which will give you a hint about the Dragon Tear.

Chapter 3 – Temple Slope

24# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Exit the temple and juggernauts will follow you. After defeating them, head down the hill and open the gate leading to the next area. Inside the gate area leading to the catapult hill, slip through a crack in the stones. Keep going and you will come across a deathstone corpse on your path.

25# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Second deathstone corpse is just ahead up on the hill on the same path as the last one. You can reach it by hacking through the tall grass to the left of the first body.

Chapter 3 – Watery Depths

26# Deathstone Corpse
Location. When you reach the outside docks, hack through the shattered door on the right side past obelisk in the ruins to enter the small watery depths dungeon. Descend the first intersection, the path breaks into three. If you go straight, you will come across a deadthstone corpse, it will reveal something about the key and how you can access the hidden area.

Chapter 3 – Docks

27# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Solve the statue puzzle on the docks to reveal the secret passage in the opposite wall. Inside is your deathstone corpse, gold and crystal chest.

Chapter 4 – The Landing

27# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Exit the dungeon where you defeat three skeleton brothers aforementioned in the riddle. Exit it through the door near the waterfall. There is a deathstone corpse outside on the rubble.

28# Deathstone Corpse
Location. From the place you found the last deathstone corpse, climb up the stairs and clear the area of Wargars. There is a deathstone corpse lying in the nearby shadowy alcove. Cut through these Wargars in the courtyard to speak to it.

Chapter 4 – Black Hearts and Red Blood

29# Deathstone Corpse
Location. After you have defeated the dragon with the catapult, prepare for battle with the guardians out in the courtyard. There is a deathstone corpse in the ledge behind the guardians where scorchers are holding back.

Chapter 4 – Arches of Fire

30# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Enter the area Catapult creates for you by blowing a hole in the wall. Climb up the fallen wall and jump down to reach the next building. After you are done with the enemies, look for a side chamber nearby, it has deathstone corpse in it.

Chapter 4 – The Scarlet Maid Tavern

31# Deathstone Corpse
Location. You will encounter a dying soldier outside the The Scarlet Maid Tavern who will inform you about the king. Before you go track down the king, make sure you look into the courtyard for a deathstone corpse and gold nearby.

Chapter 4 – The Scarlet Maid Tavern

32# Deathstone Corpse
Location. A deathstone corpse is lying in the back corner of the The Scarlet Maid Tavern’s ground floor just where you encounter an infected Wargar who can teleport.

Chapter 4 – The King’s Tale

33# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Just when you spot the King’s part down the basement and find the entrance towards street’s far end. Look opposite of the street’s far entrance for a building. Enter inside to speak to the deathstone corpse. There is also a prisoner on the left side of the basement entrance.

Chapter 5 – Forest

34# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Underneath the fallen tree bridge in the shadows. You can easily miss it if you rush up to the bridge.

Chapter 5 – Forest

35# Deathstone Corpse
Location. After you defeat the ambushed enemies with Fletchette gun, follow the path into the shadows of a wooded area. You will notice weeds on the left. The deathstone corpse is hidden in the weeds.

Chapter 5 – Forest

36# Deathstone Corpse
Location. After your fight with the Archghoul, enter the small concourse opposite the woods. Collect the loot and speak with the deathstone corpse nearby.

Chapter 5 – Quarry

37# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Climb the stairs in the Quarry until you reach a new catwalk. You will notice a Wargar working the mines near large cranes. You can shoot the explosive barrels adjacent to the cranes to stop the mining operation while you are here. Left of the catwalk leads to the exit, side path to the right descends to shard canisters, a crystal chest and a deathstone corpse.

Chapter 5 – Sewers

38# Deathstone Corpse
Location. You should notice an explosive crate beside the wall in the first chamber in the sewers where the crawlers come out of the sewer pipes and you are left to deal with them. Shooting it will reveal a secret area. There will be host of enemies in this room, avoid the pressure plate and it’s poisonous dart. Once you are done with the enemies, talk to the corpse floating in the sewer waters to the side.

Chapter 5 – Wall

39# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Take the archway a top of the stairs and enter a quiet courtyard with a new set of stairs winding up to a higher level. You will find the deathstone corpse under the stairs.

Chapter 5 – Wall

40# Deathstone Corpse
Location. You should find this deathstone corpse just before exiting the tower in the bottom area of the wall.

Chapter 5 – Sewers

41# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Just after you encounter an escaped captive who informs you about your next objective and the place you should go to. You should look for the deathstone corpse nearby before entering to the next room with obelisk and magic portal.

Chapter 6 – Kala Moor Entrance

42# Deathstone Corpse
Location. Before you exit to the left down the hill after the first area. Look on the ledge to the right for a crystal chest and deathstone corpse.

Chapter 6 – Elevator Pens

43# Deathstone Corpse
Location. After you defeat Harridan, follow the exit passage that would lead you to another Fletchette gun. Defeat the enemies you encounter next with this weapon and keep moving. In the passage beyond, left leads you another Deathstone corpse while right will take you to the depths of Kala Moor.

Chapter 6 – Dungeons

44# Deathstone Corpse
Location. In the chamber with the obelisk, you will find a dragon skeleton to use deathstone on. She will tell you about her love and how he was consumed by the silver liquid.

Chapter 6 – Dungeons

45# Deathstone Corpse
Location. After you defeat Archghoul, exit the temple via opened gate, and circle around the balcony to the passage down to Annuvin’s lair. You will find a deathstone corpse on the wall opposite the exit.

Seems like I have missed a few. If you have found those, let me know and I will update the guide with proper location references.

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