Hunt: Showdown XP Farming Guide – How To Level, Leveling Tips

Hunt: Showdown is a unique game from the developer Crytek, the company behind Crysis. It combines PvP with PvE to create one of the most unique gaming experiences of all time. In Hunt: Showdown, you earn XP by performing certain activities and actions which in turn allow you to level up and earn skills and bonuses. Normally, this process is very tedious and takes a lot of time. For being the best of both words in Hunt: Showdown, you need to level up quickly. For this, you will have the grind the game a bit and farm some AI monsters. We have two simple methods for farming XP in this Hunt: Showdown XP Farming Guide.

Hunt: Showdown XP Farming

The main goal of this guide is to provide you with an easy task by which you can easily farm experience points. Below you will find two methods by which you can farm XP easily and level up quickly. Just like all games, you will need to farm for some time for quick XP. Use the following methods as your main farming places and enemies.

The first method by which you can farm XP is by killing AI monsters. These do not include all monsters. It is true that killing all monsters will give you XP but we are talking about farming XP, which means most XP in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, the monsters on which you need to focus are the grunts and the armored ones. Grunts will give you 10 XP per kill while the armored will give you sixty XP per kill. Grunts are easy to kill and will only take one charged hit from any melee weapon. You can use brass knuckle-duster, machete or knives against them for quick kills.

Armored on the other hand can be killed quickly with three fully charged melee attacks. Use machete, hatchets or Cavalry swords against them for maximum damage. If you find a lantern, toss it at the armored ones to kill them with a single lantern. They are also very effective in defeating other monsters of the game as well.

The second best and quickest way to farm XP is by discovering clues and finding monster lairs. Each clue when found will give you a straight 100XP and if you manage to discover the monster layer, you get 200XP. If done all in a single game, you will earn 500XP in total. This is also one of the fastest ways of earning XP in Hunt: Showdown.


As with things to do, there are also some things that you must avoid at all costs. The number one thing to avoid here is losing your character. If you lose your character, you will lose all your XP as well. This is especially worthless when it comes to XP across your actual hunters but it also works when it comes to your bloodline XP.

Killing meatheads will also give you a large number of XP but killing them is not easy. It will take you a lot of time hence making the process inefficient for farming. Another creature you want to avoid killing for farming are the hellhounds. They give 20XP per kill and considering the time and resources you require to kill one, is not recommended for farming methods.

This concludes our Hunt: Showdown XP Farming Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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