Hunt Showdown Losing Its Player Base, Is The Game Dying Already?

Hunt Showdown was one of the most anticipated game before it rolled out and when it did, it did have a significant amount of player base. The game before release had made a lot of promises and it would be wrong if we say that it did not justify some of its promises. Although now it seems to be that the game is not doing good since it rolled out.

Based on the figures at Steam Charts, the game at one time had, 10,296 users, which was an all-time peak and now you would be shocked to know that the game has, at this moment about 969 concurrent players and its highest recorded 24-hour peak was 2,829 users. Keeping in view its anticipation and its player count, it only points out to the fact the game may not be doing good.

As you may see in the above image, the monthly trend of average players seems to be dropping significantly. The game originally rolled out in the month of February, so before that, the average numbers of players were close to zero.

Now starting off with February when the game Hunt Showdown released, there was a high average, then in the month of March, the average players increased to the highest recorded average. Following March, in April there was a significant drop of nearly 1000 average players and in the last 30 days until now, it has gone below 1000.

Similar is the case with the Peak players, in the month of the release, number of peak players was an all-time high and following that, in the month of April and the last 30 days, there has been a major drop.

So all these statistics, only seem to point out to the fact that perhaps the Hunt Showdown Player Base is going down and the game is not doing good since its release. The developers have not said anything regarding this downward trend. Not sure what they have in mind, hopefully, they are already working on finding out the reason of their player base.

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