Humble Store Now Allows Opting Out Of Single Price Model

The Humble Bundle site has instated a new pricing method for the Humble Store, which will add Euro and British Pound Sterling options for selected regions. In a recent blog post, the company explains the reasoning behind dropping the Dollar-only model.

With the system they call Humble Pricing, costs will adapt fluently with that of other regions. Each day, the Euro and Dollar price will be recalibrated automatically, to always show the right amount.

This first rule doesn’t change anything about how the pricing worked before the implementation. It simply calculates how much other regions need to pay, in their selected currency.

There is, however, a catch. At the same time, the Humble Pricing will allow developers and publishers to rule out the simple recalculations and instead opt for regional adaptation. In the post, it states:

While we love the simplicity of Humble Pricing, we recognize that it doesn’t make sense for every developer or publisher. We also give them the option to provide an MSRP for each currency or region.

Only the Humble Store itself will be affected by these changes. Bundles and local widgets will continue to employ a single currency model.

This is likely to be seen as a step back in customer treatment across regions, as adjusted pricing usually leads to surcharges. Frequently, Dollar and Euro costs are unilaterally applied, meaning that Europeans can pay 30% more for their games.

For instance, if a game would cost $29.99 for North America, it would frequently be put on sale for Europeans as €29.99, which is $40.

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