Humble Store Has Tons Of Discounts And A Free Game In End Of Summer Sale

Sale events are pretty much starting to generate themselves throughout the year; it’s not just four or five big landmarks anymore. For starters, the Humble Store is now also having an end of summer sale, because just doing one at the start isn’t enough.

As usual, the storefront will list a few prominent releases on its landing page and have more regular sales buried, if you care to look for them. Besides daily offerings, you’ll also be able to partake in some flash deals, with the first being Batman Arkham Origins and Psychonauts, though they may be gone when this goes up.

Other items in the Humble Store you certainly should give a look at include The Wolf Among Us at €9.99 for the whole season, as well as the somewhat troubled Murdered: Soul Suspect detective game at €11.99. For that price, the story is enough to keep you chugging on.

If you’re into local multiplayer with your buds, then pick up Samurai Gunn for just €5.99. If you want to witness an overlooked classic, then make sure to grab Nights Into Dreams for just €1.99.

Be sure to hit the “Discount” tab on the store, because there are just so many more deals with prices that frequently dive below €5. In no matter of importance, you could pick up games like Bastion, Cloudbuilt or Godus.

The Humble Store end of summer sale will run until September 22. You should really check it out, because you can also get some games for free during the event.

Its first free title is Warlock: Master of the Arcane, a solid booster-step 4X title with little management involved and heavy on combat. It’s perfect if you’ve always wanted to try games like Civilization, but always got intimidated by the scope its built on.

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