HTC Vive Preorders Start on February 29; Ships in April

Alright folks, since Oculus Rift is being preordered by so many that the head-mounted VR set’s shipping date has to be delayed more than once in the past week, we are confident that the time has come for VR solutions to go mainstream. In that, HTC Vive is joining in on February 29!

The cofounder and chairperson of HTC Corporation, Cher Wang has finally confirmed that they are going to start taking preorders for their and Valve Corporation’s VR display on the leap day.

She was talking about how HTC itself was prioritizing HTC Vive over their conventionally core business i.e. smartphones when she also confirmed that the device will start shipping in April. Talking of the choice that they had to make between smartphones and VR, she said:

Smartphones are important, but to create a natural extension to other connected devices like wearables and virtual reality is more important.

It is a fact that Valve wants the device to compete against PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, but somehow, the company is focusing on a slightly different approach to do that. For instance, you don’t get a front facing camera in the other two but HTC Vive gets you that so that you are not completely cut off from the surroundings.

Not only that even when marketing the device right before announcing the preorder launch date, Wang did not talk about how many games they had, like Sony, or how high-end the device was, like Oculus Rift. Instead, she talked about experiences like showing disabled people The Blue, their underwater experience demo which, for them would be something they will never get to do in their lives.

On a couple of occasions I’ve taken people who are in wheelchairs and taken them through The Blue demo. I’ve had people get really emotional, because they would potentially never have the chance to go underwater scuba diving, or see a whale like that. As you push them through the demo and turn them around, they feel like they’re swimming. That’s a super-powerful thing for me.

Now we are not implying too much here but the choice of words and topics shows that HTC Vive is not just about gaming.


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