HTC VIVE Pre Orders Being Cancelled, Here’s What You Need to Do

HTC VIVE is ready to ship but not all VR adopters who preordered it will receive a unit this month. HTC VIVE pre orders are being cancelled and HTC Support is asking you to reprocess your order by giving them remote access to your desktop.

The second wave of HTC VIVE will release in May so you may have to wait till then if you’re April shipment is cancelled. If don’t want to wait, you need to contact HTC Support, not your local country team.

HTC Support will take over your remote desktop and add a bespoke URL to give you a jump in the queue. Apparently, HTC is now shipping in small waves so that buyers won’t have to wait longer than necessary.

If you successfully place a new order with help from HTC Support, the estimated delivery time is April 10. Another concerning matter is that people who booked their orders via the official website will have their order delayed to May, however, this isn’t yet confirmed.

If you have received a cancellation email, visit the official website and provide them your order details via message or live chat. It is better to contact your local support team and have them transfer you to VIVE specialist team for guidance.

You won’t be charged until the order is shipped so keep things clear with your bank so they don’t stop the charge.

We don’t exactly know what happening and it is odd that HTC requires access to your desktop. Moreover, if you visit reddit there is a massive thread of people complaining about HTC making them jump through hoops to reprocess their order.

HTC needs to resolve this as quick as possible or buyers may start looking at other options.

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