How Xbox One Will Impact the Next Generation With Its Various Features

Xbox One certainly promises to take the gaming industry to whole new level. Many notable developers from various studios gathered at Comic-Con San Diego to display how they are utilizing the power of Xbox One to provide the game experiences that you will never forget.

A panel comprising of people from Turn 10 Studios, Rare, Ltd., Microsoft Studios & Capcom at Comic-Con San Diego exhibiting the unique abilities of Xbox One that can be put to use for creating a new generation of games.

Ameliorated Graphics
Wouldn’t it be a shame if we don’t see some enhanced graphics mechanisms on a new generation of a gaming machine? It will be, certainly!

Executive Producer of Dead Rising 3 – Josh Bridge – explained how Xbox One allowed them to attain the enhanced graphics mechanisms on Dead Rising 3. In Dead Rising 3, zombies created in such a way that they are anatomically correct & glass pieces shatter depending upon the way of breaking a window.

Dead Rising 3 is capable of showing hundreds & thousands of zombies at the screen at a given period of time; something which pushed Xbox 360 to its limits.

One of the big things we wanted to do with the Xbox One’s increased horsepower was to push the reality of the world and make it more believable and tense. Zombies are the enemy this time, so why not make it look good?

A New & Better Kinect
When asked about the power of Kinect 2.0 – Nick Burton said that the new Kinect is capable of doing things that were impossible during last generation. The new Kinect is able to file a finger from a distance of three meters & can register more players in a limited space.

Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has ten times the power of its predecessor. It can register a fingertip from three meters away, a feat that was impossible last generation, and its wider field of tracking means it can register more players and at closer distances.

Each & every movement count while using Kinect – the placement & movement of your wrist while accelerating a jet-ski can affect its acceleration.

In Kinect Sports Rivals, if you stand in front of Kinect 2.0, it can capture your image and can imitate the exact yourself in form of your champion on your screen.

Kinect is also integrated with features that will come handy while playing a game. For instance, every player likes to have his own map of button layout while playing a fighting game. This will NOT be the case anymore as the Kinect will recognize you instantly & will map your configuration of buttons for you even if it is in the middle of a match.

“It seems kind of simple but its super awesome once you see it in play,” explained Ken Lobb – Creative Director at Microsoft Studios & one of the founders of Killer Instinct.

Wonders of Cloud
Like Major Nelson earlier said that with Xbox One, matchmaking & online games will be much better! It will ensure that you are only up against the players that match your skill level. For instance, if you are doing well in Killer Instinct, you will be put against players that match your skill level.

And this is not only confided to Killer Instinct, but Forza Motorsport 5 will download racing data & a virtual driver from all over the internet known as Drivatar.

It [Drivatar] watches the way you play and the cloud [Xbox Live] takes all this data and data from the entire community and builds an opponent with no set or finite number of variables. It creates variables based on what it saw the community do and trains your Drivatar to drive just the way you do.

Xbox One is also capable of recording your game so that you can capture your most epic moments & share them with the rest of the world.

Take this as an example, a fan at EVO 2K13 was undefeated in Killer Instinct – crushing everyone in his path – until the best player from Killer Instinct developers team joined in & defeated him. Using the Xbox One, they were able to record those intense matches & shared them with the rest of the world.

All you need to say is, “Xbox record” & your console will automatically start recording your gameplay either it is online or offline.

Smart Glass Integration:
In Dead Rising 3, Smart Glass is integrated both in real-life & in-game. Nick Ramos – the lead character in Dead Rising 3 – will get his hands on a transmitter that will allow him to make calls to real-life people with for unique missions, advices and what not!

You don’t have to use it, but it adds a lot. For example, the team found that Xbox SmartGlass opens up the possibility of two-screen couch co-op. While playing “Dead Rising 3” in the Capcom Vancouver office, Bridge’s colleagues would often pick up his mobile device and assist him with navigating through the city or finding new weapons.

Ryse: Son of Rome has a very different &; unique approach towards Smart Glass for Xbox One. While playing the Ryse: Son of Rome, players will be able to take care of everything related to their experience in Ryse. Whether it be watching achievements guide or customizing your multiplayer character. It’s all just a click away with new Xbox One Smart Glass Application on your mobile phone devices.

Ryse: Son of Rome” can be set up using Xbox SmartGlass, even while playing a different title. If you’re playing “Dead Rising 3,” you can use Xbox SmartGlass to begin matchmaking in “Ryse: Son of Rome,” so your multiplayer session will be ready and waiting without ever having to take a break from the action.

Share your thoughts with us regarding the all these exciting features that ‘Xbox One’ is bringing this November to the stores near you!

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