How to Visit Other Zoos and Earn Conservation Credits in Planet Zoo

Conservation Credits is a currency type in Planet Zoo that allows you to buy all sorts of animals for your Zoo, and the easiest way to earn them is by popping along to a friend’s zoo to check out the competition. Thus learn through this Planet Zoo guide how you can visit other zoos and earn yourself some conservation credits.

Planet Zoo Conservation Credits

There are some slim restrictions you have to clear before you could do this, however. When you first log in to Planet Zoo, you can create an avatar and choose your local region for your avatar’s base. To visit other zoos, you’ll first need to create a zoo in Franchise Mode.

Once you’ve picked a suitable name for your zoo, you’ll see an Edit button to the next beside your franchise’s name. Click on it and check the Visiting Status which allows your franchise to become visible to other players, as well as giving you the option to visit other zoos, and that’s it you can remove those slight restrictions on yourself, there is only one more thing.

How to visit other zoos
You can only visit a zoo of a person if you subscribe to their zoo via the Plant Zoo Steam Workshop by clicking the button on the screen. If you click on My Zoos you’ll be able to see your franchises as well as any zoos you’ve subscribed to.

Turning visiting on then allows both your avatar to visit other zoos but also other players’ avatars to come to see yours. You won’t, however, be able to visit other zoos in person, unless you download them from the Steam Workshop.

There’s also the option of visiting other players’ zoos anonymously, so as not to share your own zoo’s identity. While you can’t visit other players’ zoos yourself in Planet Zoo, greeting a visiting avatar is one way in which you can earn Conservation Points.


Some Perks
From time to time, other players’ avatars will come to visit your zoo. Big tip: this isn’t just for show! It’s super easy to overlook, but you can actually earn conservation credits – a coveted resource used to acquire new animals from the Animal Market – just by saying hi to these VIPs.

Whenever you see a “visiting player” alert on the left-hand side of the UI, click it, and then you’ll get a prompt to greet them. Your reward? 20 credits!

Note: you’ll need to have an online connection to see visiting players, and there’s a daily limit on how many conservation credits you can pile up this way. It’s worth the trouble.

You can also get conservation credits from daily logins.

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