How to Visit a Friend in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Want to visit a friend in Animal Crossing New Horizon? Our guide will show you exactly how you can do that.

Vising a friend’s island in Animal Crossing can be pretty exciting as well as resourceful. However, you will need to go through a formal procedure to successfully land on your friend’s island. THis guide will show you How to Visit a Friend in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

This guide explains the complete procedure of visiting a friend and how to use the option for best of your interest.

How to Visit a Friend in Animal Crossing New Horizons

For visiting a friend’s island, the first thing you require is the Nintendo Online Service. As well as, you have to wait for the second day in order to unlock the Dodo Airport, which will then be used to travel to the friend’s island.

The next requirement in the procedure is that your friend also must visit the Dodo Airport and opt for ‘I want visitors’. At the same time, you also should visit the Dodo Airport and then opt for ‘Visit a friend’ option.

Once both of you and your friend have selected the required options, you will then be able to find and select a friend’s island. You will then depart and after a short loading screen, you will arrive at the friend’s island.

When you have arrived, you will need permission from your friend to be able to grab whatever you desire. For the best of your interest, you should grab various fruits and items, trade resources and interact with the island.


You must note here that collecting more fruits from a friend’s island is the best way to boost your resources, as you will be able to plant the fruits on your island and sell them at higher prices.

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