How to Use Vehicles in Phoenix Point

It is very important to learn the functionality of Vehicles in the game as they can prove to be a very valuable addition to your team. In this guide, we will discuss how to use vehicles in Phoenix Point because there are some technicalities involved in order to be able to use them. Once you get ahold of the vehicle mechanics you would be able to take your rides on missions and even in battle. Let’s get started.

How to Use Vehicles in Phoenix Point

First of all, you would have to build a vehicle. You would have to get one as you don’t start out with a vehicle in the game instead you have to build one.

Complete the tutorial that you get in the start and when you are done with it, there will be a prompt that will say that your tutorial is done. After that, you need to check your manufacturing section where you will find a lot of new items.

If you go to the vehicles tab, the option of constructing a PX scarab will be there with the items available. A travel vehicle can also be constructed.

Using Vehicles
After you are done with constructing the PX Scarab it can be added to your team. You can also choose where you want to deploy it but you would have to go to that base first.

You would have to be in the correct location if you choose to deploy it. Once you have made sure that your location is right go to the personnel tab.

You would also need to ensure that you have enough space on your Manticore.

It’s quite a long process to manufacture a PX Scarab but once it’s done, you can add it to your team.

Once the vehicle has been built you can choose where it is deployed. You need to make sure you go to that base.

If you choose to deploy it to the original Phoenix Point base, make sure you’re in the correct location.

Go to your Personnel tab. Vehicles tab up multiple slots on the Manticore so you need to ensure you have enough room because vehicles take up multiple tabs, three being the least.

If you have the available space then you can add the vehicle to your team otherwise you will have to remove all from your team.

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