How to Use Syringe in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

As you progress through Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you are bound to take damage and get injured through the island of Auroa. Luckily for you, there are two methods to heal yourself: Bandages and Syringes.

Each one has their own merits and demerits, and are suited to different situations. While players have unlimited bandages, syringes are something that need to be used sparingly. Our guide will focus on how you can use syringe in Ghost Recon Breakpoint to heal your injuries in a pinch.

How to Use Syringe in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To get it out of the way quickly, bandages are for critical injuries. They can only be applied for the critical injuries and only when you are still. The animation needs to play out before you can. So, only use them when in cover.

Coming back to syringes, these unlike bandages, are limited in number and which is why you need to restock them whenever possible. They can only heal minor injuries and are ineffective on critical ones.

You can use the syringes on the go, as it does not have an animation that would need you to stop before playing out. However, to use a syringe, you first need it in your inventory. You can modify your quick use slots by going into your main menu and going to your Loadout screen. In the loadout screen, you have six slots at the lower left for items in your quick access menu. In the bottom three, swap out one of your support items for the syringe.

Remember, if you’re not in immediate danger and you have a minor or critical injury, you’re going to want to use the first aid kit. In order to use the syringe, pull up your item wheel by holding down RB on Xbox One, or the respective button on other platforms, and pick the Syringes. This now adds them to your quick select slot that you can access by holding down LB on Xbox One.

Syringes are dropped from enemies you kill and other loot sources. You can also craft syringes provided you have the necessary items needed to craft.