Astral Chain Legion Guide – How to Use Legions, Special Abilities

Filled with action and adventure this game has swift combats that make it appealing. This Astral Chain Legions Guide focuses on the use of Legion’s abilities throughout the game in combat. Let’s get into it. shall we?

To achieve perfection in combat you need to maintain a good level which requires an understanding of Legion’s abilities. First, let’s talk a little about Legions themselves.

Astral Chain Legions

Humanity designed a peculiar weapon against the threat of Chimera who attacked The Ark, they are used by the Neuron Taskforce. Effectiveness of a Legion is in cooperation with a Human Controller with whom they are tethered to.

We have five types of Legion in Astral Chain named as; Sword, Arrow, Beast, Arm, and Axe. They all differ in abilities, fighting style and of course appearance.

Legion were chimeras, which later on got captured, converted to weapons and put under human control. They are linked to a wielder by a metal chain and armor attached to them.

Both the wielder and the Legion understand each and because of that, they can fight in complete harmony. Now let’s discuss each Legion in a little detail:

Sword Legion
Covered with armor plating, this Legion is humanoid and has textured and highly ridged blue-colored skin.

Four large loops appear on its body i.e. its forehead, back of the neck and each shoulder has one which doesn’t seem functional at all.

It has matte white armor pieces with “POLICE” branded on them on his Chest piece, right arm, back of the neck and left leg while left arm, right leg and upper right chest has “NEURON” branded on them and the rest of the plates have “SV-05” branded on them. Its armor also features flowing green accents with red and dark grey markings.

Its weapons are its two arms which are elongated to work as a sword, they are however retractable as it is also seen with normal arms.

Like Iron man, the middle of its chest has a glowing blue core. Its collar around the neck also has the same color along with the chain that connects it to its wielder.

Its eyes appear either glowing blue or red while the rest of its face is mostly obscured.

Arrow Legion
Also humanoid this Legion features a highly textured blue skin with white and grey armor plating with green accents which cover its entire lower half, lower arms, shoulder, and head.

It has the same loops as the Sword Legion except for the one on the back of the neck. Instead of legs, it has six spiders like an extension from its hip making an armored skirt around a central spike.

It can shoot energy projectiles when it materializes a large spike bow. Its armor also has “NEURON”, “POLICE” and “SV-04” branded onto it. Other similar features are its triangular glowing blue core, its collar and either red or glowing blue eyes.

Beast Legion
This Legion is a canine Legion instead of humanoid and is a quadrupedal featuring the same skin, armor, and eyes as others as well as the glowing blue triangular core.

It also resembles Beast Dobermann dogs due to its upright tall ears and pointed face. It also features a tail and three-toed paws. Its loops are similar to the Sword Legion in both quantity and the places they are.

It has “SV-03” along with “POLICE” and “NEURON” branded on its body.

Arm Legion
It is both humanoid and non-humanoid at the same time. It is a large Legion with the same skin and armor like the other Legions along with the same core and collar but its face is squared and wider as compared to the other Legions.

Its armor, however, is more layered. It has no legs cause it can two pointed extensions at the end of its torso. Like the sword, this Legion also features the same loops on its body.

As the name suggests its arms are its most defining features which are not even attached to its torso and only float around on its sides. It has “SV-02”, “POLICE” and “NEURON” branded onto its armor.

Axe Legion
It’s pretty obvious from the name that this Legion has a really large ax. Its appearance is humanoid, and it has a smooth streamlined armor.

It features only one loop on its forehead. Another unique feature of this Legion is the blue plate it has on its forehead. It also has skirt armor but with only three extensions from its hip. “POLICE”, “NEURON” and “SV-01” are branded onto its armor.

Now, let us discuss these Legions abilities.

These Legions can destroy gates which lead to the Astral plane, clean up red matter also granting the wielder tolerance to Red matter as well.

If you have a Legion you would be able to see the red matter, Legions and chimeras which are invisible to a normal person.

How to Use Legions?

If you press ZL your Legion will be summoned for 100 seconds and after that, you have to wait for the gauge to recharge to summon it again.

It attacks automatically but you can move it using ZL (hold) and the control stick. Using this you can control who your Legion attacks, collect red matter or solve puzzles. You can switch between Legions using Y.

You can use your Legion in battle, investing or puzzle solving. You can restrain your enemy if both you and your Legion run around it which will wrap the linking chain you have around your enemy, this is called “Chain Bind”.

You can move the chain in front of a charging enemy to stop his attack making him fly backward, this is called “Chain Counter”. You can destroy the gates to the Astral plane using chain bind.

You can cross long gaps by pulling yourself towards the Legion. You can eavesdrop on other’s conversations using Legions as they are invisible to normal humans.

This is all you need to know about Legions in Astral Chain. Let us know if we missed something. Have fun playing!

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