How to Use Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons

With all the new stuff, one of the most interesting things added in MC Dungeons is the use of Artifacts. This guide will help you understand these Artifacts, their purpose and How to Use Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons.

How to Use Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons

Much like the idea of “Abilities” in traditional RPG games, Artifacts exist to serve a similar purpose.

Throughout your adventures, you find many artifacts that provide you different abilities and special powers and boosts in your game.

Artifacts are equipped and have a cooldown time when used, just like abilities. In general, you can easily grasp the core function of Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons by comparing them to Abilities of your character.

How to Get and Use Artifacts
As the name suggests, Artifacts being items can be found in the following ways,

  • Clearing levels in the game.
  • Random rare drops from killing enemies.
  • Searching the dungeons you are exploring. They can be found in chests or just lying around.

Whenever you find one, just interact with it to pick it up.

Now that you have the Artifact, it can be equipped in one of the three boxes on the bottom left of your inventory menu screen. Any of the boxes can be used to equip Artifacts of any type.

Artifacts have a Cooldown timer. Each artifact grants different ability boost like increased speed, damage and defense. Each artifact has a different cooldown timer.

Unlike your items, Artifacts CANNOT be enhanced. They drop in different rarity and their strength depends on their rarity.

You cannot enhance them to make them better and stronger. To get better artifacts, you need to farm them in higher-level areas.

Every artifact has a power level. This power level determines how much damage the artifact can inflict on enemies or how long an effect the artifact lasts for.

For example, a level 1 Tasty Bone will give you a weaker wolf companion than a level 15 Tasty Bone.

Artifacts can be combined with other equipment in certain circumstances, such as the Firework Arrow with any ranged weapon with the “fires multiple arrows” perk, to improve them, so it’s worth experimenting with combinations at the camp.

It’s not good to hoard low-level artifacts, and it’s especially not good to keep them equipped.

Your artifacts do count towards your average power level. Since vendors like the Wandering Merchant and Blacksmith care about your power level, you’ll want this to be as high as possible.

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