How to Use Armor in Call of Duty Warzone

While Call of Duty Modern Warfare may not have armor, a battle royale isn’t complete without it. Armor has been added in the game through the Warzone mode and in this guide, we will show you how to use Armor in Call of Duty Warzone.

How to Use Armor in Call of Duty Warzone

When you start a match in CoD Warzone you have a pistol and two layers of armor with you. If you are attacked in a Warzone battle royale match and lose your armor then it can only return back after you repair it while healing is automatic.

Look at the two blue bars above your health bar which indicate the two plates of armor installed. The maximum amount of armor that you can install are is three.

In order to locate armor plates, you have to locate them through your map. This is how you replace your armor if it is destroyed. Have three plates of armor to fully recharge an armor.

You can find armor plates in different areas of Warzone. These areas include caches, buildings, crates and the store for $1500. You can get armor by looting an enemy as well.

When you apply for an armor plate on your character, it takes you a couple of seconds in order to do that.

Every person in your squad can carry three bars and every armor plate represents a single bar.

This comes in handy as in any case if you ever get out of armor, your teammates can back you up.

To know that you have lost your armor, you just have to focus on your UI or focus on the sound of a crunch which represents the breaking of your armor plate.

When this happens, it is best to replace your armor quickly otherwise the armor is going to affect your health directly and kill you, resulting in the 1v1 Gulag fight, so make sure to always keep a spare armor plate.

Press 4 on your keyboard or hold down the Y/Triangle button on your controller in order to replenish your armor in CoD Warzone battle royale.

Holding the button down is going to make the process faster and in fact slot in more than one at a time.

There are also no tiers in armor found in Warzone. The armor in Warzone makes it easier to face your enemies as it increases your durability. Health can be regenerated while armor can be replaced.