How to Use an Intercept in Scarlet Nexus

Intercept in Scarlet Nexus is a satisfying move to pull off after performing a perfect dodge. Using this special attack, one can throw the object back at an enemy. If you want to know how one can use intercept to destroy the enemy, then read this article till the end. We will be showing you how to use an Intercept in Scarlet Nexus and how you can use it to complete the Counter Research Side Quest.

How to Use an Intercept in Scarlet Nexus

To use Intercept in Scarlet Nexus, perform a perfect dodge and then press RT or R2. For the perfect dodge, press the dodge button when the enemy gets close to you. If you have done everything perfectly, the time will slow down, and you can deal damage without the loss of health.

So, one just needs to have good timing to launch an effective attack on the enemy. As soon as you notice an object approaching you, just press the dodge button followed by RT or R2 buttons to throw the object back at the enemy. The better you get the perfect dodge; the better will be the intercept move. To get a perfect dodge most effectively, players can use SAS clairvoyance.

Counter Research Sidequest

Now, we will be mentioning the location of the quest, the requirements, and the rewards that one can gain from this quest. Here is some useful information for the quest.

Where to Find Counter Research Side Quest

Here is a marked image showing the exact location where players can find the quest.

Counter Research Side Quest Location

How to Start Counter Research Side Quest

The quest can become available during standby phase 9 and you need to play as Yuito to avail this quest. The best place to complete this quest is the supernatural life research facility, the museum ruins.

Collect Cushion Pound

First, the players need to collect two cushion pounds in Counter Research from the location shown in the marked image below.

Counter Research Cushion Pound

Intercept Projectiles

Secondly, you need to intercept the projectiles. Use the same method as described above, just dodge the projectile coming from the enemy and then press the R2 or RT button.

Use SAS Clairvoyance

This helps you to get a perfect dodge on projectiles as mentioned above, so use it to execute Intercept easily.

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