How to Upgrade Weapons in Astral Chain

In Astral Chain, you have many different ways to stylize your combat against foes. The five Legion characters can be armed with three primary weapons; The Gun, Baton, and Gladius Sword. You can upgrade them and the Legatus so that they do more damage in combat. This guide explains the step-by-step process of how to upgrade weapons in Astral Chain.

Upgrade Weapons in Astral Chain

In Neuron HQ, head to Floor B3 which has the Tech Room. Go in the room and talk with Tabitha to get the option of upgrading either your weapon or Legatus if you have enough G and Material Codes.

The latter can be earned as quest rewards, taken from chests you come across, or given as a reward for doing special orders.

Choose the upgrade you want and it will greatly strengthen the damage your weapons deal and make your Legion more powerful. You need to visit Tabitha anytime you need an upgrade in the future and can only do this at Neuron HQ.

That’s pretty much it!