How to Upgrade Tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you came here to seek guidance on How to Upgrade Tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons than you probably are in the initial stages of the game. If so, then you must be wondering, am I stuck with these pesky Flimsy Tools that keep breaking all the time or do I have a better option.

Well, of course you do! as Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a long-running game and should have long-lasting tools as well.

How to Upgrade Tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Upgrading tools is essential for extending the lives of your tools and improving their function. This guide will let you know how you can upgrade your Flimsy Tools to make them more durable in Animal Crossing.

Let’s just dive straight into it.

To upgrade your tools, you must first have the tools already unlocked and in use. In order to upgrade the Flimsy Tools, you need to buy the recipe pack for better tools. This can be bought at Tom Nook’s tent i.e. Resident Services, by the name of Pretty Good Tools Recipe.

For the recipe, head inside the Resident Services and interact with the Nooks Mile machine to buy the Pretty Good Tools Recipe for 3000 Nook Miles.

This contains recipes for Axe, Shovel, Net, Watering Can, and Fishing Rod. Meaning you can now make the more durable variants of all these tools that’ll be more efficient and won’t break any time soon.

Keep in mind that in order to upgrade a tool to a superior version, you need to have the previous version of that tool in your inventory.

The tiers of tools and their increasing order of quality is listed below

  • Flimsy
  • Stone
  • Iron

The last tier of tools requires iron nuggets to craft so it is a good idea to hold on for a bit and farm a lot of iron nuggets before you go on crafting those. In the meantime, Stone tools in Animal Crossing should last you a lot longer than flimsy ones and are easy to make.


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