How to Upgrade Monkey Bombs in Cold War Zombies Firebase Z

In this guide, we will teach you exactly How to Upgrade Monkey Bombs on Firebase Z in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

How to Upgrade Monkey Bombs in Firebase Z

As time passes, the Call of Duty community is discovering more and more Easter eggs and Secrets in the Firebase Z DLC of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

One of the latest ones is a call back to Black Ops III’s Gorod Crovi map.

Just like in Black Ops III, you can upgrade the Monkey Bombs in Firebase Z and make them even more deadly to use against the zombies.

Back then, it was a very tedious task, but this time around it’s fairly simple. But it still requires time and you won’t be able to upgrade them until at least Round 20.

Step 1
First, you need Monkey Bombs which the zombies will randomly and quite rarely drop when they die.

There is another way of getting them which is to craft them on the crafting bench for 1,000 uncommon salvage.

Note that you can only carry 2 monkey Bombs at a time.

Step 2
After acquiring at least 1 Monkey Bomb, you need to equip it in your tactical equipment slot and go to any of the Aetherium reactors that power the whole map.

These reactors are located in the following locations:

  • Mission Control
  • Data Center
  • Military Command

It does not matter which one you go to, as any of these reactors will work just fine.

Step 3
Once you reach the reactor, your objective now is to kill 50 zombies with Monkey Bombs.

You have to keep crafting, looting the Monkey Bombs and kill zombies on any reactor until you reach 50 kills.

There is no way for you to track exactly how many you have killed.

However, as soon as you reach 50 kills, your Monkey Bombs will start glowing red when you throw them which indicates that they have upgraded.

It should take anywhere between 3 to 5 Monkey Bombs to reach 50 kills and once you do that, your Monkey Bombs will stay upgraded for the rest of the game causing more damage whenever you throw them.

Additional Info
An upgraded Monkey Bomb’s music changes when it goes off to a hip hop beat which makes the zombies dance.

This music however does not work on Manglers or Mimics and they will keep attacking you even when the music is playing.

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