Cold War Zombies: How To Upgrade Monkey Bombs In Firebase Z

Make the dead break dance.

Monkey Bombs were already known for their blasting capabilities but the Firebase Z map takes it up a notch by letting you upgrade them in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zombies.

The Monkey Bomb upgrades were first introduced in Black Ops 3 which was quite a tedious task to complete but this time around it is fairly simpler. If you’re looking to upgrade your Monkey Bombs in zombies then this guide should do the trick.

How to upgrade Monkey Bombs in Firebase Z

The first step to upgrading Monkey Bombs is to acquire them. These juggling lethals can be dropped by zombies randomly when they’re killed. If you’re in a hurry or don’t want to waste your ammo then there’s a costlier method.

You can head over to the crafting workbenches around the map and purchase the Monkey Bombs for a 1000x Uncommon Salvage. Do keep in mind that you can only carry 2x monkey Bombs in your inventory.

The second step for upgrading the Monkey Bombs is to kill 50 zombies near any one of the three Aetherium reactors on the map of Firebase Z. These are the same reactors that power up the whole map and are easily accessible on the earlier rounds of the map.

The three reactors are located in:

  • Mission Control
  • Data Reactor
  • Military Command

Once you’re near a reactor, all that’s left is to create a train of zombies and throw a Monkey Bomb near the reactor. Do note that there’s no way of tracking how many zombies you’ve killed but it takes around 3 to 5 Monkey Bombs to reach the 50-kill mark.


The Monkey Bombs do not attract Manglers or Mimics. Only regular zombies will be attracted to the lethal and the rest will attack you.

You’ll know that you’ve upgraded the Monkey Bombs when they start to glow red and the zombies start to break dance on the hip-hop beat in front of the lethal on Firebase Z in Cold War zombies.

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