How to Upgrade Character in Grime

Grime has finally launched, and it is a really tough and unforgiving RPG title. You will need to keep upgrading your character continuously in order to keep up with the difficult enemies as the story progresses. In this guide, we will explain how you can upgrade your character in Grime.

How to Upgrade Character in Grime

In order to upgrade your character in Grime, go and interact with the big rock weeping cavity. From there, you will be able to develop your vessel and upgrade your character. At the electricity-infused weeping cavity, you will have five different stats to upgrade your character. We have listed them below.

  • Health: Increase HP
  • Force: Increase Stamina Meter
  • Strength: Increase damage of Strength weapons
  • Dexterity: Increase damage of Dexterity weapons
  • Resonance: Increase damage of Resonance weapons

In order to check which weapon belongs to which type, you can check out the emblem of the weapon. If the emblem shows a Fist, it belongs to Strength weapons. If it is a Claw, then it is part of Dexterity weapons, and Palms facing the sky belongs to the Resonance.

Upgrading your character in Grime requires Souls. If you have enough souls, then the upgrade will show a green sign. If a red sign shows, it means you need more souls for that upgrade. You can either choose another upgrade or collect more Souls to get your preferred one.

Another method to upgrade your character is by acquiring passive traits by defeating monsters a specific number of times. These traits can then further be upgrade using hunt points which you get by defeating specific monsters.

How to Respec stats

In Grime, you are able to refund traits, but respecting stats is not possible. When you refund a trait, you will regain the Hunt Points that were utilized in unlocking and upgrading the trait.

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