How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 tells a spooky tale, but there’s more to it hidden in the game’s secret ending. This guide will tell you how to unlock the secret ending in little nightmares 2, including describing what happens in the secret ending (beware spoilers).

How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Little Nightmares 2

So, besides the normal ending, there is yet another secret ending in Little Nightmares 2. However, you need to unlock this ending by doing a specific task.

Did you ever come across a glitched child? The purpose of these Glitching Remains, which you keep stumbling in dark corners, was not clear until the secret ending was revealed.

So, to unlock the secret ending, you will need to collect all the 18 Glitching Remains. But it’s not as easy as it might look.

Glitching Remains are always well hidden in secret passages or tunnels. But the good thing is that they are only found in the first four levels of the game.

This means that you don’t have to go through the final chapter once again. Check out our guide on this to make them easier to find and track!

The Secret Ending

The best thing about the secret ending is that it brings a huge twist to the complete story. It is shown that during the final chase, Six could save Mono, but she essentially abandons him, letting him fall into the monstrous pit.

But the story doesn’t end here; it becomes more interesting. Mono doesn’t die and instead grows up to be the ‘Thin Man’ you had been running from!

In the next scene, Six emerges from a TV set. Though this confirms her safe escape from the Pale City, she isn’t alone. A glitched version of Six stands right in front of her.

As they both stare at each other, the camera pans into a picture of The Maw – the location that Six explored in the first Little Nightmares.

The glitched Six disappears then, and the scene ends. However, this secret ending leads to the idea of Little Nightmares 2 being the prequel of the previous version!