How to Unlock the Machete in Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War introduces three new weapons into the game with the launch of its second season. The Machete is one of these three weapons and players can acquire them by completing a series of challenges. We’ll be showing you How to Unlock the Machete in Black Ops Cold War in this detailed guide.

How to Unlock the Machete in Black Ops Cold War

Getting your hands on this unique melee weapon requires you to earn the Back Stabber medal in 15 unique matches. This means that you can’t get 15 kills in a single match and call it a day. Only one backstab kill counts per match and contributes to the overall challenge.

Avoid performing finishing moves as they will not help with the challenge. Tap the melee button only once to avoid performing an execution.

Our first priority is getting just one back-stab kill on an unsuspecting enemy and continue to play the match normally. That’s easier said than done. However, with the right selection of maps and appropriate positioning, it should be considerably easy to get just one guaranteed back-stab every match.

Pick the Correct Perks

Before we proceed with anything, we’re going to need to select the appropriate perks that will transform us into a proper stealth master.

Ninja – This perk is found in the third group and can make your movement very quiet. Your enemy won’t know what hit them. Careful though, it doesn’t make you entirely silent.

Tracker – This perk is found in the second category and will allow you to see your enemy’s footprints. You won’t have to wander aimlessly and thus this will decrease your chances of dying randomly running around the map.

With these two perks selected, you should be ready to go!

Get the Campers!

The best and most satisfying thing you can do is find campers to backstab. You’ll find various enemies stalking their prey from that one vantage point that nobody likes. Simply go up to them and hit the knife button! Easy and done.

Good Maps for Backstabs

Satellite – You’ll find this desert map ideal for backstabs due to the open nature of the map and snipers on either side of the sand dunes. Granted, it can be a little tricky to get behind the plane debris, but it’s pretty much a guaranteed knife kill on that dormant sniper once you do.

Raid – You’ll find enemies in Raid camping out in the rooms and more often than not, you’ll find someone’s back turned away from you, peaking out the window, not knowing what’s about to pierce through them. It’s perfect, really.

Crossroads – The bridge in Crossroads will often have campers on either side of it. Wait it out a little until you find someone feeling to settle down, and bam, that’s where you get your backstab.

Be at the Right Place

Let’s be honest, Black Ops Cold War is a fast-paced game, and getting backstabs is just entirely based on luck. You can try to be sneaky or fast. It’s entirely up to you. Depending on the situation, you’ll be able to catch your enemy off-guard pretty easily.

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