How to Unlock SP-R 208 Sniper Rifle in CoD Mobile

In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock the SP-R 208 Sniper Rifle in CoD Mobile Season 2. We will also discuss its perks and how this rifle will be useful in Call of Duty Mobile. Let’s get started!

How to unlock SP-R 208 Sniper Rifle in CoD Mobile

There has been some interesting development in the content of the Call of Duty Mobile for Multiplayer as well as Battle Royale mode in the second season.

The SP-R 208 sniper was being anticipated to appear for a long time, and now it is finally here. This weapon is also part of an Elite Marksman Challenge.

This challenge will go on for 24 hours starting from 24th March.

There are six tasks that you will have to do in order to get this weapon. So it is definitely not easy to get.

Unlock SP-R 208 Sniper Rifle
You will have to go to the Events Lab and complete the Season 2 Elite Marksman Challenge. This challenge includes the following tasks:

  1. Takedown a total of five enemies using Sniper Rifles.
  2. Get the Long Shot medal 5 times. This medal can be achieved by long-range kills in multiplayer.
  3. Equip the Agile perk and take out ten enemies. This perk decreases the Aim down sight (ADS) speed of guns by 85 percent after you sprint.
  4. Equip the NA-45 from the credit store and take out 10 enemies.
  5. Take out twenty enemies with the same NA-45 but without using any optic.
  6. Use the same NA-45 with or without optic to take out 10 enemies but with only headshots.

When these tasks are completed, you will be able to equip the SP-R 2-9 sniper rifle.

SP-R 208 Attachments
This sniper rifle deals a lot of damage. It made its debut in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Here is a list of attachments that will make this weapon even more amazing and you unstoppable:

  • .300 5 Rnd Mag
  • Combat Stock
  • Light Barrel
  • Light Bolt
  • Tactical Laser

Equip these attachments for the best gameplay and you will have a great experience with the SP-R 208 Sniper Rifle.

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