How to Unlock Shakkei Pavilion Domain in Genshin impact

With the 2.0 update to Genshin Impact, more areas of Inazuma Region have been introduced in the game. One of the new domains added to the game is the Shakkei Pavilion. This guide will help you unlock Shakkei Pavilion Domain in Genshin Impact so that you can access all the content there!

How to Unlock Shakkei Pavilion Domain in Genshin impact

Shakkei Pavilion is located in the southwest part of the main Tatarasuna Region. It is locked by a rocky formation around it.

To unlock the Shakkei Pavilion domain, you need first need to complete the Tatarasuna Tales. These are a series of side missions in Tatarasuna, in which the Traveler will destroy the barrier surrounding the region of Shakkei Pavilion, unlocking the entire area.

To start the quest, you need to interact with two NPCs at Kujou Encampment. The quest is easy and can be finished quickly.

The quest has you saving Inazuma region from a Fatui attack, by destroying the barrier around Mikage Furnace. This quest will grant you access to multiple cannons placed all over the region. You need to get an Electrogranum to activate the cannons.

The Shakkei Pavillion Entrance requires you to head to the south most cannon installment. This is show in the picture below.


Shakkei Cannon Genshin Impact

From here, fire the cannon inside the cave that’s to the left of the wrecked boat and before the little island with a hill. Once you land a shot inside the cave, a small opening appears and you’ll know you have hit the right spot.

The cannons have unlimited shots, so take your time. Finish the quest and then, you are all set to unlock the Shakkei Pavilion.

Leave the cannon, and summon your Waverider to sail to the other side to the new open beach. You have now successfully unlocked and entered the Shakkei Pavilion Domain in Genshin Impact!

Whats at the Shakkei Pavillion?

The Shakkei Pavilion Domain is a one-time domain. But it is worth going to all the trouble for it. You can find a Mask of Memories for learning a recipe at Forge. You will find enemies such as Nobushis and Hitsukebans. A plethora of content awaits!

You can unlock the Domain’s final door by collecting respective seals. Inside, you will face a Fatui Mirror Maiden and a Fatui Pyro Agent. Defeat them to complete the domain.

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