How to Unlock Purple Remedy Skin in Fortnite Chapter 2

Interesting in unlocking the Purple Remedy outfit skin before the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 ends? This guide will help

There is no denying that without fancy skins, Fortnite wouldn’t exactly be what it is today. It’s a good thing then, that the new season is full of them. One such skin is the Purple Remedy skin and this guide will tell you How to Unlock Purple Remedy Skin in Fortnite Chapter 2.

How to Unlock Purple Remedy Skin in Fortnite Chapter 2

The most basic requirement that the skin demands is that the player should have the battle pass leveled up to at least the 40th tier. Then the players will have to go through and complete the “Remedy vs. Toxin” mission objectives.

There are nine objectives for the players to complete for Remedy vs Toxin and they are as follows:

  • Visit different food trucks 3 times
  • Earn Silver Survivor Medals 3 times
  • Get 3 SMG Eliminations
  • Search for 7 chests at Landmarks
  • Reach 100 of both Health and Shield 3 times in different matches
  • Deal damage with a Common, Uncommon, and Rare weapon in a single match, 3 times each
  • Deal 2500 points worth of Damage to enemy structures
  • Achieve Weapon Specialist Accolades by dealing damage with weapons 5 times
  • Be the first to catch a fish, first to land from the Battle Bus, or first to get an Elimination, any one time

Keep in mind these are Overtime challenges so you only have a few days to finish them once they become available. Unlike regular season pass challenges, you can’t take weeks to finish them all.

As you can see, most of these Purple Remedy challenges revolve around you killing enemies or simply dealing damage with weapons. There really isn’t any searching involved like some other challenges. When you finish them all, you will unlock the Purple Remedy style, and also a Back Bling and Harvesting Tool.

That’s a full Purple Remedy outfit just for doing very basic stuff in-game and should not prove to be a challenge for most players.


As of the writing of this article, it is still unclear when the skin will be available in-game but we prepared you nonetheless. So keep an ear out for the skin’s arrival, which according to leaks will happen sometime before the season ends.

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