How to Unlock New Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC Weapons

As with every major expansion pack, They Shall Not Pass also brings plenty of new weaponry options for Battlefield 1 players.

Each new weapon is locked behind a specific set of requirements that must be completed before a player can begin decimating enemy lines. The “Assignments” are pretty standard in some cases, but there are those which might prove slightly frustrating for players. Hence, in a way, some of the new weapons in Battlefield 1 require a bit of grinding before they can be added to the player’s arsenal.

Below are all the new additions, categorized between the different classes of the game. You can browse through the unlocking requirements for each of them to better decide which ones to go after first.


Ribeyrolles 1918
Perform 50 kills with the Automatico M1918 Factory
Perform 20 headshots with the MP18 Optical

Sjögren Inertial (Factory)
Perform 50 kills with the Model 10-A Slug
In a round, perform 15 Kills with the M97 Trench Gun Hunter


RSC 1917 (Factory)
Perform 50 kills with the M1907 SL Sweeper
Perform 50 revives

RSC 1917 (Optical)
In a round, perform 15 kills with the Autoloading 8 .35 Factory
Perform 75 heals


Chauchat (Telescopic)
In a round, perform 15 kills with the M1909 Benét-Mercié Telescopic
Perform 10 kills with the Mortar

Chauchat (Low Weight)
Perform 50 kills with the Lewis Gun Suppressive
Perform 75 resupplies


Lebel Model 1886 (Infantry)
Perform 50 kills with the Gewehr M.95 Infantry
Perform 20 spot flare assists

Lebel Model 1886 (Sniper)
In a round, perform 5 headshots with the Russian 1895 Sniper
Perform 10 periscope spot assists


Mle 1903 Extended
Perform 75 kills with the Landship vehicle


Trench Fleur: 50 kills with the US Trench Knife.
Nail Knife: 50 kills with the Shovel.
Cogwheel Club: 50 kills with the Club.

Battlefield 1 received Update 1.07 yesterday, signalling an end to the “excessive use of explosive gadgets and grenades” in the game. Instead of resupplying nonstop through ammunition crates and pouches, players automatically replenish grenades after a specific period of time. However, you can now only carry a single grenade at all times.

Update 1.07 weighs 7.3 GB on PlayStation 4, 8.35 GB on Xbox One, and 5.88 GB on PC. You can go through the entire patch notes here.

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