How to Unlock Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2

RoR is back with Risk of Rain 2 and features some of the old characters along with two new survivors. Mercenary is one of the new additions to the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2. Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2 is a pretty cool pick. He comes with a powerful Lazer Sword.

How to Unlock Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2

Using a sword instead of guns can be tough, but it is also much more fun. It is also a change of pace since by the time you unlock him, you’ll want to try something new and that’s where the sword comes into play.

In order to unlock the Mercenary, you’ll have to find a Celestial Portal which can be a little tricky to locate. The Celestial Portal appears to spawn randomly.

According to some reports, on a flawless run of the entire game, you might get a chance to see one.

Try to finish your runs and hope to come across one. Compared to its counterpart, the Celestial Portal appears white. If you are lucky enough to find one, enter it to find the Obelisk.

Getting to Obelisk requires you to “clear a parkour”. Get through the parkour and sacrifice yourself at the Obelisk. Upon sacrificing yourself, your run will end and you’ll be rewarded two things – Mercenary and “True Respite” Achievement.

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