How to Unlock Jack o Launcher in Fortnite

In this guide we will be discussing how to unlock the infamous Jack O Launcher in Fortnite which is basically similar to a Bazooka but it launches pumpkin!

Unlocking Jack O Launcher

In order to get this weapon you need to go to your collection book and once in there you have to go to the “Event people” and after that you head on to “Costume Party Attendees”. Now for Jack O launcher you need to have three of the legendary Husk Cosplayers.

The first one is the Lobber, the second is the Smasher and the last in the Troll. Some of you might even have one or two of these already and in case you are able to collect all three then you can unlock Jack O launcher and that’s it.

Pumpkin Launcher Hero Traits

You get the following Hero traits with Jack o Launcher:

Name Class Description
Debilitating Shots Soldier One stack of Vulnerability is applied by dealing ranged damage. For 15 seconds the damage taken from all sources is increased by 5% on the target. Stacks up to 3 times.
Advanced Tactics Soldier 10% increase in Ranged weapon damage. 10% increase in Health.
Enduring Machine Constructor None
Explosive Rounds Soldier None
Eye on the Prize Outlander None
Faster Explosions Constructor None
Fragment Generation Outlander None
Grenade Generation Soldier None
In a Pinch Soldier None
Start Up Soldier None
Survivalist Soldier None
Waste Not Want Not Soldier None
I Love to Reload! Soldier There is a 30% increase in run speed for 3 seconds after you reloading the equipped weapon.
Improved Headshots Soldier The headshot damage multiplier for ranged weapons is increased by 13%/20%/27%.
Quick Clip Soldier 30% increase in reload speed.
Steady Aim Soldier 29% decrease in recoil.
There Are Many Like It… Soldier When affected by War Cry 45% less durability damage is taken.

That’s pretty much everything we have on Fortnite Jack o Launcher.

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