How to Unlock Grau 5.56 and Striker 45 Weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

These newly added weapons in CoD: MW are Grau 5.56 and Striker 45 and unlocking them is not that easy. For that very reason, we will show you how to unlock Grau 5.56 and Striker 45 Weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

You might have already encountered enemies already in possession of these weapons but you don’t have it yourself. There’s no need to worry as we are here to help you out with exactly that.

How to Unlock Grau 5.56 and Striker 45 Modern Warfare

Before we get started with how you can unlock these weapons, you should know that Grau 5.56 and Striker 45 are both very powerful weapons, the former one is an assault rifle and the latter is an SMG. Now moving on to how you can unlock them.

You need to get to tier 15 in Modern Warfare season 2 by leveling up and getting XP in order to unlock the Grau 5.56. This tier obviously means your battle pass tier. For the Striker 45 you need to raise this tier to 31 and only then the weapon would be unlocked.

Obviously you need to increase your tier to get these weapons and this is the free way to get these weapons quickly. But you would have to grind a lot for that.

Now moving on to the other way of getting these guns without working so hard is using your COD points which is the in-game currency and you can use it to level up your tier instantly.

So if you are one of those people who can afford this luxury then it would be very easy for you to just spend 1300 COD points and get the premium battle pass and your tier will get to 20 instantly and you will get Grau 5.56 just like that and the Striker 45 will follow shortly afterward.

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