How to Unlock Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo has always maintained a focus on couch multiplayer. This tradition has been carried onto  Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch with the addition of a new two-player co-op mode. Once you unlock this you can play almost the entirety of Luigi’s Mansion 3 in co-op with one player taking the role of Gooigi. But you need to unlock it first, so here’s how to get Gooigi and play co-op in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Unlock Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Gooigi is automatically unlocked during the story missions of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and you actually need him to progress through the rest of the game and get to a few collectibles. The game may not tell you right away, but as soon as you start playing you’re already working toward the goal of getting Gooigi.

This is because he unlocks simply by completing the first set of objectives. Dr. E. Gadd will task you with a set of objectives that essentially act as a tutorial. As soon as you are done with them, the first task for you will be to go and get Dr. E. Gadd’s briefcase.

In doing so, you’ll unlock Gooigi and E. Gadd will walk you through some of the basics. Once you’re done with the basics of Gooigi (that is that Gooigi can go through vents and cage bars, and that he is not waterproof), you’ll be able to turn co-op on whenever you want, letting another player join in the fun.

To start playing two-player co-op in Luigi’s Mansion 3 just press Plus to open the options menu. On there you should see the Co-op option, select it then choose it again to bring in the second player. You’ll want to be sure a second controller is on and connected. From there you should be all set with one player controlling Luigi and the other using the newly unlocked Gooigi. To turn it off just repeat the process but select Solo instead

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