How to Unlock Forge in Halo Reach on PC

Forge in the Halo series has been around for a long time. It is basically a map editor that allows players to change settings in-game maps such as moving spawn points and weapon locations. However, players use it a lot to create their own unique custom maps with different challenges. This guide will tell you how to unlock Forge in Halo Reach on PC.

How to Unlock Forge in Halo Reach on PC

Keep in mind that this version of Halo Forge is actually the one available from the old console games. 343 Industries has announced that they are working on a new and updated forge for Halo Reach MCC which will be released later.

Forge mod can be unlocked in the game by changing few game files, that allows player to access Forge in Halo Reach MCC. Here is how you can unlock Forge mod.

As said before, you need to make a few changes in-game files to access the forge mod. To do so, you’ll need a file reader.

Through that file reader, you can access and change codes in-game files to access the Forge. One of such readers which can be used is the “HxD” which is a hex reader. The program is safe and no issues of virus so install the HxD setup to get to the next step.

Once installed and ready to go, open the program. Open Steam apps and in this folder, Halo: Master Chief Collection. From there follow MCC>Contents>Paks>MCC-WindowsNoEditer.pak.bak .

It is advisable to make a backup of this file before you make any changes to it. You will need to change the file (NOT EDITED ONE) before accessing the standard multiplayer. If you don’t make a backup, you can retrace the next steps.

In HxD, press CTRL+G and in the tab that opens up, type “1E302110” exactly as it is and set it on hex (which is also the default one). As you press enter, your cursor will be on a SINGLE LINE which reads “00”. Change it to “27”.

Now again press CTRL+G and this time search for “1E2F5D0” exactly, and search it on hex (again, the default one). Again, the cursor will be set to a single line “00” which needs to be changed to “27”. Save the file and replace it with the original file.

Before you can play forge, you need the Forge map. It can be downloaded from the link provided. The file size is almost 300 Mb.

Download the Forge map and then replace it with the one in the game file. Follow Streamapps>Common>Halo the Master Chief Collection>HaloReach>Maps. Make sure the previous map is removed from the files but do keep it safe.

After all is done, just start the game straightforward. Start the game with the “Anti Cheat Disabled” option. On the main menu you’ll see the option “Create”. Open it to see Halo Reach and that’s it! The Forge is now ready for access to all players.

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